Natus Vincere wins the International 5 European Qualifiers

ForeverDescentForeverDescent 2015-06-02 02:11:18

Natus Vincere became the fourth and final team to qualify straight through to The International 5 last night with a 3-1 victory over Vega Squadron. Na'Vi will join EHOME, Complexity Gaming and MVP.Hot6 as the qualifiers for the biggest event in DotA 2 come to an end.

While things looked initially dire for the first International champions - Vega Squadron winning the first game in convincing fashion - Na'Vi's roster of International 1 winners, Dendi, XBOCT and Artstyle, as well as Funnik and SoNNeiKo closed out the best of five series in impressive fashion.

With their first place in the European qualifiers, Na'Vi will be heading to Seattle with the other 14 invited and qualified teams. There they will be joined by the four potential Wildcard teams: Vega Squadron, MVP.Phoenix, North American Rejects v2 and CDEC, who will compete for the two remaining places in the end.

The sixteen teams will then go on to compete for a prize pool that currently sits at over $10,000,000.

The biggest surprise came from the North American finals, where Mousesports, the former Team Tinker, were the favorites to take the qualifiers. They failed to qualify for both the main event or the wild card matches.

This will be the fifth International for a Na'Vi team. After winning the first one, they competed in the finals of the second and third Internationals, before falling to eighth last year.

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