LoL 2015 World Championship Regional Seeds revealed

DreXxiNDreXxiN 2015-06-10 20:01:24

Riot Games has official unveiled the way seedings will work in the upcoming Season 5 World Championships.

Save a few changes, the seeding for the Season 5 World Championships is quite similar to the year prior. The major regions consisting of LPL, EU LCS, NA LCS, and LCK retain their seeds, granting 3 teams access to the world stage each. However, due to the SEA Split of GPL into the Tawainese LMS, the GPL has beem deemed weaker and less deserving of the spot.

For this reason, remaining teams within the GPL will have a chance to qualify through the international Wildcard, which still retains two seeds into Worlds. LMS will be granted two guaranteed seeds into Worlds. The top teams from each International Wildcard region will compete in two qualifier tournaments. The first international qualifier will be played in Chile while the second will be played in Turkey, containing the two new additions to the Wildcard regions, GPL and Japan's LJL.

  • Qualifier 1: CIS, Brazil, and Latin America
  • Qualifier 2: Southeast Asia, Turkey, Japan, and Oceania


Image courtesy of Riot Games.

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