Starcraft Kane changes Twitter handle likely leaving mYi

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Update: Kane has confirmed his departure from mYi stating

Oh, didn't realize mYi hadn't announced it yet. I have left myInsanity as my return to school meant our partnership was no longer needed.

Sam “Kane” Morrissette has long been known for being a top Zerg within the North American scene, but he had his first truly global performance in Season One of WCS where he managed to escape the group stages and make it to the Round of 8 before falling to the German Protoss player ShoWTimE.

Kane holding his ShoutCraft America Trophy, his most notable result before WCS

Photocredit: R1CH

Following his breakout performance Kane has stated that he would be retiring at the end of the year, and has also stated that he would be leaving mYi in the near future which he revealed to fans in the following Tweet.

This is wonderful! Now I have zero obligations to have any filters. I can shit talk dedgame or shitty companies in esports all I want now :)

It appears that the time has come for Kane and mYi to part ways, as Kane’s twitter handle has changed from “mYiKane” to “KaneSC2”. Twitter handle changes have served as a reliable indicator of team changes in the past, with such notable examples such as PartinG, DongRaegu, and DeMuslim. It would seem unlikely that Kane would join another team given his previous announcement that he would be retiring at the end of the year.

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