Starcraft Korean StarCraft Scene Rocked by Match Fixing Allegations

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Although StarCraft II never matched the size of its predecessor in Korea the game has still managed to enjoy a reasonably healthy following within the tiny Asian nation. Proleague, the Global StarCraft II League, and the SpoTV StarLeague have served as the highest levels of SCII competition. The integrity of all of these tournaments have been called into question by the recent arrest of team Prim members Choi “Yoda” Byung Hyun, Choi “BboongBboong” Jong Hyuk, and their coach Park “Gerrard” Oi Shik who have been indicted with match fixing along with eight others brokers and gamblers.

Prime was a top StarCraft II team before the KeSPA switch

This incident is reminiscent of the SaviOr match fixing scandal from StarCraft Brood War in which it was revealed that a former bonjwa (player that dominates the scene for a long period of time) had been involved in leading a match fixing ring. KeSPA, the governing body of Korean eSports, claims that this incident is the first time a coach has been involved in match fixing with his players. Coach Gerrard was also involved in the operation of the SBENU League of Legends squad, and KeSPA has stated that it will run the team without interruption until new leadership is found. The future of Prime’s StarCraft team is unknown.

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