Starcraft KT Rolster FlaSh Retires

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The StarCraft scene was shaken today by the announcement that one of the most accomplished veterans of the game would be retiring. Lee “FlaSh” Young Ho announced that he would be stepping down as a professional player and would be starting his compulsory military service that traditionally terminates Korean progaming careers.

FlaSh Competing for KT Rolster in the Brood War Era
Photocredit: NeverGG

FlaSh was considered by many to be the greatest StarCraft Brood War player ever to touch the game, he was the final “bonjwa” (consistently dominant player) and won more Premier StarCraft titles than any other player. Although he was never able to replicate his success in StarCraft II he managed to consistently qualify for the most prestigious tournament in the world, the GSL Code S, and continued his streak as a dominant ProLeague player through 2013 and 2014.

Flash trophyFlaSh Holding his only SCII Trophy at IEM Toronto
Photocredit: Helena
Kristiansson via ESL

In a fitting end to an incredible career FlaSh’s final progame was played against his greatest rival Lee “JaeDong” Jaedong. Although FlaSh fell to his Zerg nemesis fans were able to relive the greatest Starcraft rivalry of all time for one last set. The VoD of his final series is below, after the break.

Flash has stated that he wishes to return from his military service as KT Rolster's headcoach, and lead them to become the greatest team of all time.

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