Starcraft Apocalypse eSports Signs: desRow, MaJOr, Welmu, SouL and others

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eSports Heaven has learned of a new StarCraft team called Apocalypse eSports that will be making their debut in the SC2 Improve Team League. At this time the team’s line up consists of Marc-Oliver “desRow” Proulx, Juan “MajOr” Tena Lopez, Vesa “Welmu” Hovinen, Haseeb “Teebul” Ishaq, and Piotr "souL" Walukiewicz, Isaac “PandaBearMe” Fox.

The amount of breadth and depth present in this roster is highly unusual for a new team like Apocalypse. Welmu has historically been one of the most successful non-Korean WCS players, regularly making it as far as the round of eight in the WCS Premier League. MajOr is often cited as one of the best TvT player outside of Korea. desRow is a talented Canadian player with a popular stream and talk show, and the remainder of the roster adds depth that could help them perform in the SC2ITL.

Jaun "MajOr" Tena Lopez Competing at WCS
Photo Credit: ESL

I was able to speak to the CEO of Apocalypse eSports, Jared "Daezen" Jahnke who shared his vision with us saying

We came in as a team with a few of us who have formerly worked together with the mindset that we wanted to be different. We didn’t want players to feel like they were working for us, but were part of our family. So instead of starting out with nothing, we are personally funded by me, to get us on track, with good players interested in a long lasting relationship with their team and second family.

As far as vision, we have already accomplished half. Our staff are passionate, hardworking, and love being here, and our players so far, love the way that our management handles things. Our only thing left is to market, be known as the great org we are, and broaden our range of games and players.

Our source informed us that the team had the same management as previous North American teams “BrawL eSports” and its successor “Endurance eSports”. Apocalypse eSports will be directly seeded into Division A of SC2ITL, the largest team league outside of Korea. There Apocalypse eSports will have the chance prove themselves against other top teams in the league such as: Team Liquid, mYinsanity, Acer, and ROOT.

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