Starcraft Apocalpyse eSports Disbands

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Last week eSports Heaven reported that Apocalypse eSports had signed a number of high profile players and would be competing in Division A of the StarCraft 2 Improve Team League. New information has shown that this will not be occurring.

According to Andrew Martin, the general manager of Apocalypse eSports the team’s owner Jared Jahnke had planned to personally finance AE to the tune of $185K for the first two years to run a pro SCII, CSGO, and DotA team.

As the payment deadline began approaching at the end of January, Martin claims that they were unable to get further information from Jahnke regarding player payments. Martin tells us that he began receiving increasingly outlandish excuses as to why the bills were not being paid. Eventually Jahnke claimed that his wife had been hospitalized and was on the verge of dying. Staff from Apocalypse eSports were able to make contact with Jahnke’s wife who told him she was not in any kind of medical distress and that he did not have the funds to pay the contracts. Jahnke’s wife also claims that Jahnke is currently in the psychiatric ward and that he “Screwed up his life.” and she is “Done bailing him out”.

As a result of the lack of financial support Apocalpyse eSports will be disbanding immediately. At this time Apocalypse eSports reportedly owes its players a collective $4,000 in salary and $600 in travel expenses. This figure comes from the players monthly salaries multiplied by the duration of their contract. Andrew Martin told eSports Heaven that himself and the staff would be seeking legal recourse against Jahnke as salaries and travel expenses were contracted.

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