Starcraft N3rd Street Gamers to host StarCraft 2 circuit spanning three cities, $10K+ Grand final in DC

CyanEsportsCyanEsports 2017-12-07 18:34:42

Sources close to the Philadelphia esports organizer and LAN cafe N3rd Street Gamers have revealed plans for a three city StarCraft 2 tournament circuit to Esports Heaven. The planned event will be branded under N3rd Street’s current StarCraft 2 tournament series ‘Cheesadelphia’, and will include events in Philadelphia, Chicago, and a $10,000+ championship in Washington DC.

Sources say that all three events will be in an open bracket format, and that Philadelphia and Chicago will feed directly into the Washington championship event.

Details as to the venues that will be used for the Chicago and Washington branches of the circuit are unknown at this time, with Philadelphia's stop taking place as normal at N3rd Street’s current location in the city. Cheesadelphia 6 is planned for January 20th/21st of 2018 and will be the fist of the three stops.

N3rd Street gamers has continually grown in notoriety in the StarCraft 2 community, leading the charge for North American LAN events in recent years. This will mark the first time that the company has expanded to events outside of its local area of Philadelphia for a SC2 event. With a $10,000+ prizepool for the Washington DC championship alone, this will also mark the most prizemoney that N3rd Street has awarded in a single SC2 event to date.

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