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Funny Videos [MEGATHREAD]

Recently there have been loads of forum posts with just a link in them and captions along the lines of 'LOL CHECK THIS'. I'm making this thread and stickying it to be used for such things. Please use this thread. Any threads made outside of this for just one video will be locked and removed. To start us off: Enjoy.
no, only if you drill the hole anti-clockwise. If you drill it clockwise then you are fighting against the rotation of the earth. Of course if you are in the southern hemisphere then then you need to do the opposite (drill clockwise)
RuneScape world is called Gielinor.The earliest is a blank, and the balance by the transformation of Guthix God of nature, the breeding of all things.And later experienced five centuries, at the end of the fifth century Guthix killed, began a new era in the game, that game is the sixth century.

View map opens in the upper right corner of the radar near the RS, a variety of large and small cities, various shops, burrow, place of work, the color is very bright, very beautiful.Small flags on the map you can see the legend.Legend can? Seen at the bottom left corner, the English level of the average person can understand.You can also drag the map around, the options under the hole in the ground where you can selectively look like a small map.Urban and names can be seen in the map where players can reach their destinations quickly through this.Runescape Gold in the game played an important role for the purchase of props, building repair, RS Gold is really essential.
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