2013-12-04 18:05:43

Added Social Media Buttons To Posts

Hi guys,

As we keep rolling out updates I just wanted to make you aware of a minor but extremely important change for the site - the addition of social media submission buttons to the bottom of the page.

Why is this so important? Well, in this era - sadly - the vast majority of a piece of content's reach comes down to social media and how much traction it can get on Reddit. With the rules about submissions making it increasingly difficult for content creators to submit their own work, those people are reliant on fans and community to do it for them.

We're proud of the work we do over here and we're confident that it's going to get bigger and better. We don't ask you to pay for it, we rarely bug you with advertorials or get you to click through intrusive adverts to access what we do. We don't even bother with adverts or pre-roll on our Youtube. 

All we really would ever ask of you is that if you like a piece of content on this site - you share it. Submit it to Reddit, tweet it, Facebook it to friends. In doing that you encourage more people to visit, to comment on the work and help grow the website.

It's a facility we hope you guys will use and know that for those that do we really do appreciate it.

I'll be bumping this.
Since the buttons were added, when using Internet explorer at work the post content flashes up and then just disappears. Don't know if this is a known problem, but is it something that can be fixed?
Already shared some stuff.


will start tweeting as much of the csgo content as i can.. when i can !!
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Just Visiting
Just Visiting