2014-02-20 11:10:46

Betting Tips.

Hey, just giving some tips.
Im seeing what run i can do atm, might work might not.

Bet365 In Play Challenge.

Philippine Army v Pasargad FC
Over 9 corners
Currently at 4 corners.
£10 stake returns £26.25

Pot is just an example.

Napoli Draw No Bet
Tottenham Draw No Bet

£10 Returns £32
How Blockchain is Revolutionizing Sports Betting Payments?
Sports Betting- A term that sounds thrilling, adventurous and entertaining all at once. Sports betting refers to one of the most popular kind of gambling in which people place bets on events through predictions and earn money upon winning.

There are many sports that allow sports betting such as football, cricket, basketball, golf, horse racing etc. Over the course of time, land based sports betting is being accompanied by online sports betting platforms as the internet is swiping new generations off of their feet.

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Future of Fantasy Sports with Blockchain & Cryptocurrencies

Over the years, DFS contest providers have seen a dynamic shift in their operations with changing markets trends, jurisdictions and fans’ preferences. Although having tremendous institutional backing from the sports they are profiting from, the industry has been surrounded by speculations and mistrust.

Cryptocurrency being a global market accounts for more than $30 billion and has a huge number of people and businesses associated with it. Also, 2017 has been a breakout year for crypto as the transaction volumes were increased by almost 100 times from what they were at the beginning of the year. This has led to a number of Fantasy Sports Platforms to embrace the blockchain technology and enter the DFS market space with an all-new approach.

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EPG vs LDLC CS:GO Thunderpick Invitational
17 MAY 18:00
Match Winner 2 Way LDLC
Pompa vs Playing Ducks CS:GO Legend Series
17 MAY 18:00
Match Winner 2 Way Pompa
Movistar Riders vs Epsilon CS:GO Thunderpick Invitational
17 MAY 19:00
Match Winner 2 Way Epsilon
Just Visiting
Just Visiting