2014-12-06 22:01:17

Organisation Seeking Cod4 Team

Hi There

We are a new organisation called Voracity esports looking to push to lans etc and to get the name out there.
The Managers have experience running organistations aswell which is a plus.
We are a really friendly bunch of lads who like to have a laugh with all new members to make them feel welcome.
The guys play loads of diffrent games's aswell so we can all group up after or before serious matchs etc.

We can only offer the basic's such as:

1.Teamspeak 3
2.Match Server
3.Well Managed stable org.
4.Website is coming soon as managers are working on one.
5.Plus will stream matchs when can.

thanks for your time tho

add steam - voracity Mikey
xfire - wonkyballs
Just Visiting
Just Visiting