2013-10-28 23:04:06

been a while...where is everyone?


Used to play quite a fair bit but moved out of the country for 6 years and just got back a week ago. Used to play for xo43/1up/zboard back in the day of css, online&offline. lots of lan exp with a few 1st places at the i-series lans and a few others. just installing cs:go now :) Where does everyone hang around these days for mixing and teams etc?

They don't, it's all a mere nostalgia fest these days.
oh...no more irc?
apparently people use facebook as opposed to IRCs and then there is the usual top of the UK scene people who just play with each other
What Facebook groups are people using? I'm in DAT UK SCENE. Is there any others I should join?
I sort of miss the days where people used IRC to chat, before steam friends was usable.
/msg q invite #kreaturen.invite
/join #kreaturen.invite
/msg q chanlev #kreaturen.invite Freekje-- +b
basically everyone just plays match maker now
well sadly cadders - hung up its gloves really when it came to cs - now you have 3 choices

* HLTV - shudder - best coverage - worst forums. (still as bad if not worse than when u probably last saw them)
* reddit /r/GlobalOffensive/new/ - best forum - good coverage - alot of noob like posters - but at least friendly.
* steam forums - oh god why.

lastly there is ESEA but tbh the way that anyone who is silly enough to pay more than the cost of a server to join a bunch of criminally minded and egomaniac led company which got caught with a bitcoin mining scandal AND actively allow hackers to buy off their bans - as well as rumored to be involved directly with organner -so i would stay away from them.
HLTV forums is so painful to use and read through even without the fucking morons that post it makes this forum appear usable and this one is full of vomit.
+1 to avoiding ESEA - massive bunch of pricks.
still trying to figure out if HLTV community is worse than GotFrag's
got frag had better content.
"hung up its gloves"

Still produce the same volume of content and attend the events. Only thing that changed was the attitude of our users and my willingness to take shit for producing content.
u think possibly because the maturer players you grew a love for cs with ultimately retired and stepped abck from gaming and thus the attitudes along with it ? *genuine question btw (fucked up that i have to write that lol)
In all honesty, you guys haven't been doing the same level of coverage that you usually do for recent events, such as SLTV etc. I guess that's because you aren't on site though, or lack of staff.
sorry - thats what it feels like to me - not so much the content - take the fifflaren interview - but more the userbase.
And therein lies the problem.

We continued to do coverage that was better than our rivals in several key areas (video interviews, detailed reports from the event, video tours, feature articles providing context about the event) but despite there being no one close to us in all these areas the userbase decided what we did was suddenly not good enough.

I mean, how do you even compare a site that put out 3/4 feature length articles about Counter-Strike a week to one that maybe did one a month at the time? How do you compare a site with detailed 15-20 minute video interviews with players to a site that produces none?

And all the while we produced this content we dealt with our site being subject to co-ordinated attacks, XSS injections, spambots, DDoS and threats / abuse aimed at staff. Y'all thought that was cool, and decided to reward our efforts by not commenting about it on this site, but rather going to another site to talk about Cadred.

The work we produced in CS remains untouched by any news website. Yeah, stats are great, playing fantasy CS great too, but what we did was pretty much unparalleled in the game at the time and our own users shat all over us, then went to celebrate what they had done with the people that tried to actually get this site shut down.
Don't even get me started on the hilarity of players turning their back on a site that supported a game that was not popular within the e-sports space, or indeed as a traffic generator, (CS:S) for years and years only to have them go and praise the efforts of people who had called them all worse than shit since 2005.

And let's look at what that collective choice has achieved? Does CS enjoy better content now as a result of it? Nah. Is it taken more seriously as an e-sport as a result of it? Nah. Even now HLTV.org staff still snipe and spread lies about people involved in CS to suit their own agenda, like us not doing any work at events, or the vile shit Lurppis has spread about ReDeYe on Twitter (https://twitter.com/lurppis_/status/394444670387769344).

On top of that we were constantly accused of bias... Yet did they report about ESEA and the bitcoin thing? Nope. Well that's nothing to do with one of their main staff being employed by both organisations is it?

We get accused of posting "rumours" - we've broken so many big stories and everytime we do, we get told it's only official when they rewrite what we broke a week later. We still do this. We did this just recently about the ESC Gaming line-up. Credit? Nah, none of that. We're just shit for CS coverage now, right?
This community fucked over each and every person who put the time in, and for some reason still puts the time in, and if you'd done it for the betterment of the game you cared about, I'd understand it. Right now all you've got is a bunch of jaded people with something to contribute, being pushed out of the scene by the actions of a group of people who only covered CS:GO to get paid and keep their site running, by their own admission.

"hung up its gloves" - Holy shit we had and have every reason to do so, yet we persevere. You can explain to me why we bother.
Even though you hate everything about the communities attitude you still have a love for the game itself!?
How is that even possible when even the simple act of watching a game involves having to wade through a river of shit?
True, I guess only the journalists that cover it can say... And why you kept at it for so long even though you hated it!
very well said.

It is because you stick out Richard_Lewis, it has nothing to do with the game nor its scene.

The scene doesn't like people who stick out, when you went all-in criticizing HLTV, to some it was as holy as insulting their own mother. HLTV has for long created a media monopoly in several ways. One way is that they have limited freedom of speech regarding criticism, users cannot wave their opinion and opinions are bad accordingly to HLTV code. Secondly is that they don't tolerate criticism due lack of social skills.

They don't understand that you can have your own opinion and therefore not agree with every point laid down. You need to understand Richard Lews, your problem isn't the game itself. The problem lies deeper than that, imagine a scene without a freedom to express themselves.

Why so? Because of the fact that people lack social competence, They don't know how to address the criticism given to them, hence why they'll sit like idiots and try to paint a picture of you as something negative.

Sadly, you won't ever get the respect you deserve from the community because of the fact that you stick out just like bainshie. Being different and having opinions that aren't generally accepted.

Also not being compatible with the average gamer is something you'll have to stand out with.
Are you really making a comparison between Richard and Bainshie?
just like bainshie
like bainshie

Sounds like Bainshie in disguise.
would not surprise me
" involved directly with organner"

That can't actually be true, surly...
"as well as rumored to be involved directly with organner -so i would stay away from them."

can you elaborate on this please, I don't play anymore but when I used to play on esea there used to be blatant cheaters running amok that wouldn't get banned for ages. I wouldn't be surprised if ESEA were involved with him tbh he's got a huge market, they have a huge market = money

and it's so funny how people believe it's the best anti-cheat rofl just because they said it is
you love conspiracy theories
ok i'm sorry for flame
bloody hell mate you've been away a while. x043 :P you remember i21 or whatever LAN it was we played against each other? haha i was in ReactioN nickname was uniKeta lol. a lot of people quit on the css to csgo transition. add me to friends if u fancy a couple of mixes and introducing to some peeps. ferryfuckingcorsten
Danny Kebab?!?!?! Hope life is treating you well fella x
Tis indeed matey - long time! It has been treating me well, just got back from 7 years in Thailand...U still gaming I see :)
played tonight with mat...cs:go gets a thumbs up from moi! cheers for the help matyooo
not many uk csgo players anymore i dont think :(
I heard munk owned everyone and they just quit
that's nothing but a fairytale bro
Oh ok, I also heard that God takes over his aim at times, is that not true either?
loooooooooool ye the god of poo
what about css?
There are no active places I know of in regards to CS:S as everyone has pretty much moved over to GO.

You can still get games of CSS on IRC but unless you've got IRL mates to play with your fucked
uk scene is dead so delete local content now tbh
this thread is sad
LOL IT'S DANY KEBAB, fuck me they're all back on here.
oh my...its rhyzz. Blast from the fkin past of what!
Hey Dany,

Thread resurrection - but remember Mono?
Hello is there any introduce thread in this forum
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