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Chronobreak ep. 1: Worlds 2018 Group Stage Day 3

Izento 2018-10-12 10:37:56
Worlds is well underway, with Korean teams faltering and Chinese teams dominating, a scenario unheard of previously and thought unlikely coming into the Worlds 2018 Group Stage. Today we have had likely results thus far, but one curveball given to us was Team Liquid losing and 100 Thieves winning during their matches. With NA's chances looking grim at Worlds this year and the LPL exhibiting dominance, we look towards Izento and Jonathan Yee as they discuss today's games and the condition of the teams and their performance.

Chronobreak is a podcast brought to you by Esports Heaven where personalities discuss previous games played and the teams performances. This podcast features author Izento @ggIzento and Jonathan Yee @dzhonyee

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