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Chronobreak ep.3 – Worlds 2018 KT vs iG | G2 vs RNG Review | Semifinal Predictions

Izento 2018-10-23 04:13:32
  The Worlds 2018 quarterfinals was a mess. Everyone was seemingly rooting for the wrong team and the most unlikely scenarios happened. KT Rolster was defeated. Royal Never Give Up was kept from their seemingly destined championship. The whole script has been thrown away. Izento and Jonathan Yee try to make semblance of what happened in these quarterfinal series and give their prediction on who can be victorious out of the semifinals.

Chronobreak is a podcast brought to you by Esports Heaven where personalities discuss previous games played and the teams performances. This podcast features author Izento @ggIzento and Jonathan Yee @dzhonyee

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