Best of AGDQ 2015

Over the last week, Awesome Games Done Quick has raised over 1.1 million dollars for charity and has showcased some of the, frankly, most undervalued gamers in the world.  We've created a list of the most impressively demonstrated performances from speedrunners at this event based on technical skill, entertainment value, and circumstances under which the …

Understanding and Analyzing Korea 2.0; the Bad.

In part 1 I talked about SK Telecom T1 and NaJin e-mFire, two teams that still looked like the strong potential world beaters you expect to find in the Korean scene. While neither team is as strong as Samsung Blue or White, they've only competed in the OGN pre-season showmatches. Both teams still have a lot …

Monetizing StarCraft II and the Importance of Betting

It has been commonly suggested that microtransactions and other forms of sustainable income are key to the health of StarCraft. Indeed Steven “Destiny” Bonnell recently wrote a well-received blog claiming that without microtransactions the StarCraft competitive scene is essentially doomed. Yet making StarCraft a healthy game in the long term is more complicated than simply …


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