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C9 Sven: “It’s funny that ADC’s are complaining when jungle is getting reworked literally every year”

  Cloud9 have gone 1-1 in Week 4 of the NA LCS and both games they kept the same roster, a pace of change from their usual player swapping antics. The team looks stronger than last week, but it’s still a long race to playoffs as they look to improve their standing and start the …

FLY WildTurtle: Nowadays, if you see bot lane players play another role, you’re like .. this guy has no idea what he’s doing.

  FlyQuest are looking stronger this split than their Spring Split form. Now that their mid lane starter is stable, FLY have looked more dominant and are able to shoot up in the standings to compete with other top teams. FLY toppled Team Liquid during Week 4, as WildTurtle showed dominance, going deathless in this …

GGS Deftly: I Think Teleport is OP. I think it disincentivizes individual play.

  Golden Guardians have gone 2-0 for the first time in the organization’s history. Esports Heaven got to speak with Deftly about their victory over Clutch Gaming, particularly his usage of Jhin, the summoner spell teleport and Golden Guardians as a dark horse.   ______Follow @ggIzento on Twitter for more League of Legends content.

uThermal on his career trajectory and making Terran work as a foreigner

Interview conducted by Cyan The foreign StarCraft 2 scene has always been thirsty for Terran heroes. So few players outside of Korea seem able to pilot the Terran army to victory. For many players, Team Liquid’s Marc ‘uThermal’ Schlappi has become the desperately needed icon of Terran supremacy. uThermal was the player who broke the …

FLY Keane: It Doesn’t Really Matter What Jungler I Have. I Just try to Adapt to Him.

  After a 2-0 Week 3, Flyquest are looking to secure a strong spot within the standings as other teams try to figure out how to stabilize their teams with roster swaps and learning the meta. One person which seems to have no trouble picking up new champions is FLY Keane, having a large champion …

The Definitive PiG Interview; Thoughts on his former team, his future in esports, and so much more

Interview conducted by CyanEsports on an older version of Esports Heaven. Jared Krensel is perhaps one of the most unique StarCraft personalities that you could ever find. The man is based in one of the most remote continents in the world, Australia. He is soon entering his thirtieth year of life—a rare age for fulltimers …

Paul “ReDeYe” Chaloner Video Interview at ESL One New York: “Gaming transcends all of those things [that separate us].”

Redeye is one of the longest lasting veterans working in esports.  I caught up with him at ESL One to discuss the inclusion of Street Fighter, and why it has taken so long for fighting games to mesh in to the esports environment. In addition, we spoke about his new focus on hosting, being older …

Emmanuel “Mani” Brito Video Interview at ESL One New York – Brooklyn Beatdown: “[Injustice 2] will be MY game.”

Adam was able to catch up with Mani and discuss the enjoyment and balance factors of Street Fighter V.  Additionallly, he expands on the body/mind connection and how going to the gym helps him keep his cognitive skills in check for competition. Interview conducted by @ESH_Adam. Follow me on Twitter for more FGC and Smash content! 

Michael “IFC Yipes” Mendoza Video Interview at ESL One New York – Brooklyn Beatdown:”Someone"e;s got to take that leadership role”

Yipes expands his thoughts on the growth of the fighting game community and shares ideas on how to grow the strength of a local scene. On top of that, we talk about the lack of Curleh Mustaches, his search for the right sponsor, and more! Interview conducted by @ESH_Adam. Follow me on Twitter for more FGC …

Darryl “RB | Snake Eyez” Lewis Video Interview at ESL One New York – Brooklyn Beatdown: “I want Zangief to be my main character.

Snake Eyez and I talked at ESL One about his conflict in a main character, describing the differences between Zangief and Ryu.  Additionally, he feels he finds new things from his opponents at every tournament compared to Street Fighter IV, where things were less things came as a surprise for him. We also spoke about …


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