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Liposa: “In Dota 2, the life of a team depends on the results. If you get good results you will most likely stick and if you get last place or perform poorly, you’ll most likely disband”

KarY 2019-03-01 06:12:01
  Esports Heaven caught up with Lelis "Liposa" Santos of Flying Penguins before the team flies out to Kiev for SLTV Minor. Read the interview to find out what Liposa has to say about his team, the South American scene, playing with international rosters and much more. Hi Lelis. Kindly introduce yourself to the community. Hi. I'm Lelis/Liposa,  a South American player born in the U.S. and speak English quite well. I mainly play 3/5 in Dota 2 but I have played other roles as well. Besides Dota 2, I've played the original war3 DotA as and Heroes of Newerth. Congratulations on qualifying for the SLTV Minor to be held in March in Kiev. How did it feel on qualifying for your first Minor of the new DPC season? I felt pretty good qualifying after struggling in the Major qualifiers. You have qualified with Flying Penguins, a team headed by EternalEnvy. How did you get recruited to the team? Who approached you and why did you decide to play for them? It didn't really happen like that. EternalEnvy and Sneyking joined Ritsu, CCnC and myself some time ago, and we ended up making some changes and ultimately coming down to this team. Oops, my bad! How does it feel to beat out Complexity Gaming, the same team that prevented you from qualifying for DreamLeague Major? It kinda felt like a revenge match up .. was it really that? Not really, it was more of a challenge for ourselves than something against them so I wouldn't call it a revenge match-up per se. Gunnar was replaced in the team. Can we know the details as to why he was replaced, if possible? I would like to keep the details private for now. I understand. Anyway, this is the second roster wherein you've been playing with players of different nationalities; first one being Pain X. How different is it playing with an international roster as compared to a local one? It is always interesting to play with different players, even more so with people who speak different languages. It's really fun and overall it is a very different experience. It's very cool. How has playing with an international roster worked for you or benefited you? To be honest, it hasn't really worked for me as much as I'd like it to be. My results aren't that great and it is just something I'm trying out for now. Maybe it works maybe it doesn't. I'm only going with the flow. How is it playing with Envy and Sneyking by your side? Who makes the in-game decisions during a game? They are very vocal players to say the least. In-game decision making is mostly done by EternalEnvy, Sneyking and myself. Your next destination will be Kiev. In which ways are you guys preparing for the tournament? We are going about the usual in terms of preparation for the Minor. Playing scrims and talking about the game constantly. Do you think you've a chance at winning SLTV Minor? Of course we can win the Minor. Is Flying Penguins a one off team, or do you guys plan on playing together in the long run? In Dota 2, the life of a team depends on the results. If you get good results you will most likely stick and if you get last place or perform poorly, you'll most likely disband. How is South American esports scene in general at the moment? As a Brazilian, do you think the region has improved? The Brazilian scene is pretty bad. There aren't a lot of investors willing to invest, not a lot of money and sponsors take big chunks of prize-pool winnings and don't pay very high salaries when compared to other regions. There is growth but its not something absurd. Speaking of improvements, where do you think FP needs to improve to display better results? It's difficult to say and pinpoint certain things but its more about the mentality more than anything else. Alright, any personal goals in the next one year for you? Just playing some dotes and trying to be the best. That's a wrap. Anything you'd like to say before we sign off? Thank you for all the support I have gotten from fans from all over the world. It means a lot, thank you. We wish Liposa and Flying Penguins the best of luck at SLTV Minor.
If you would like to know more about my work, you can follow me at KarY. You can head over to our Dota 2 hub for more content. Headline image courtesy: SLTV

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