10 Changes You MISSED In The Overwatch 2 Alpha

EsportsHeaven 2022-04-24 04:00:17
  We know you little demons need your Overwatch 2 fix and Blizzard has been quiet on some of their BIGGEST changes.  While everyone’s eyes are fixated on Doomfist as a tank and Orisa’s new rework, the Overwatch 2 Alpha has its fair share of minor changes that you’ve glossed over that are bound to make a large impact on your experience come beta.   Cassidy’s Flashbang has been replaced with a Magnetic Grenade which heat-seeks on enemies within 10 meters and deals 130 damage split between 65 explosion damage and an additional 65 damage to the stuck target Ana’s Biotic Grenade now does 60 damage (from 100), healing remains the same  Brigitte no longer stuns with her Shield Bash, however, she does deal 50 damage and travels farther when using it Torbjörn’s Overload now grants “overhealth” (similar to Wrecking Ball’s Adaptive Shield) instead of temporary armour.  Armour now reduces all damage by 30%. This is a sizeable change from Overwatch 1’s formula of armour blocking 5 damage from every individual hit that deals 10 damage or more while hits that deal less than 10 damage will be halved. Echo’s ultimate Duplicate now has a max health of 300 regardless of target. This means even if you dupe a Reinhardt, you only get 300 HP.  Junkrat’s Steel Trap no longer roots the target completely, instead heavily slows them until the target moves outside of its radius (just walk out of it 4head). Role passives are live! These passive traits, introduced during the initial announcement for Overwatch 2, are still kicking around. 
    • If you’re playing Tank you gain; 30% knockback resistance, 50% lower ultimate generation rate from damage taken and healing taken.
    • If you’re playing Damage you gain; 10% faster movement speed.
    • If you’re playing Support you gain; after 2 seconds without being damaged, you regenerate 10hp per second. 
With beta coming up here shortly on April 26th, expect quite a few details (even listed here) to be adjusted and many more added to the game!
Images via Blizzard Entertainment

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