100 Thieves Huhi on Abbedagge, innovating his role, and how to carry as Support

Oddball 2021-07-12 08:58:03
  Esports Heaven was able to sit down with Huhi of 100 Thieves on ways to carry as a support and more. What are your impressions of Abbeddage not just in his quality as a player, but how he fits the dynamic of the team compared to your previous mid laner? I think it definitely gives us another strong threat of a carry. Because it just feels like, even though the game is kind of going bad or even, we kind of feel in every lane there is a carry potential. So if we're having a bad day in the bottom, we also have tossed in top jungle and mid to step up and play their game. And I think just having that mindset kind of relieves a lot of pressure. And it kind of enables me and FBI in some way by not taking too aggressive trades and stuff like that, to always carry through bottom. So that's pretty nice. What is your perspective on this meta? Is it a welcome change for you finally being able to get some CS sometimes? Yeah, definitely, like, especially when we used to play Senna lane, and I can play like those unusual champions, and I get to farm—definitely feels pretty nice to kind of be back. But we always kind of joke around how FBI's vision is pretty bad. But also, I was pretty disappointed on my last farming game, which I believe was Ziggs. But like my Ziggs game, I felt like I could have played so much better. But I'm still I kind of sad that, show my Ziggs skill. You’ve been on record mentioning that you want to bring more unorthodox picks into the league. What are your discussions with FBI like when you do this? Is it ever a challenge when you propose playing something unusual? I will say before this split he was kind of always wanting to play those standard picks. And he didn't also really want to play mage bottom. But I think going to this split his mindset was a lot more open and yeah, I think we got to try like different picks, but also I feel usually he just has the right idea of what to pick, how to win bot lane. So there's like, if it's actually good, I think we're gonna play it in the end. But yeah, I think it's his pretty open about it. There’s been a lot of dysfunction among your guys’ main competitors. Zven and Vulcan have been off a bit, Tactical and Core obviously are dealing with all the problems on their team—do you guys think you might be the best duo in the league right now? I want to say so. But I feel like this this week especially, we are kind of struggling. Like there is some uncharacteristic mistakes that we're making. So we just have to iron that out. Come back to our route again. And then I think, there we can show like who's gonna be the best bot lane in the LCS going into playoffs. This split you’ve had a higher first blood percentage than most of your career. Why do you think this is? Do you feel more confident in the role now about what type of risks you can take?  I think especially nowadays, we're kind of willing to take risk in the bot lane. We want to fight—like we don't want to just go 50/50 on a matchup that we can win. Or even on a losing matchup, we don't want to just give them for free, we want to challenge them. And they have to play properly to get their winning match up ahead. So I just feel like me and FBI are on the same page of playing aggressive, and we are usually playing pretty aggressively. But I think we have to just make sure like those kind of jungle ganks or like the TPs from other lanes doesn't affect us so much. And yeah, I think it's kind of because like, I am kind of understanding support way better than before. How have the comms for the team been different so far this split? Has the addition of Reapered and Abbe altered them at all? If so, how? I think definitely changed the most by adding Reapered and Abbe. Because previously, I felt like I had to talk a lot like I will have to make game plans continuously. And if I stopped, I think we were kind of lost the game. And when Repeared at first came in, I think the first thing he kind of fixed was the comms. Because he he just believes that if someone has to say it, and that just means that they don't know how to play the game. So technically, if you're doing something right, you don't really have to come and hear about it. So I think by doing that, we're also enabling other people to grow. And also, we're fixing lots of comms so that like other people can communicate their critical information of like what they need to carry as they are the carries. So I think the comms has been a lot more...calm or less. So that we can communicate on necessary things. I think it's been pretty good. Something I thought was interesting about you is that you have the highest LP of any of your guys’ players. And that seems to be a trend, CoreJJ is obviously very high, SwordArt is high, what is your impression of playing Support in solo queue, how hard is it to carry games?  I think in soloqueue every role can carry. That's how I feel. It's just like, you just have to play more to be a higher LP in, especially in North America is how I feel. Because yeah, even though I'm highest LP on my team, I have the most games on my team as well. And I think that's why I have to highest LP. And the more games you played earlier in the season, you're kind of in a higher position in the LP and the reason why I think every role can carry is because sometimes it does feel like it's a coin flip, whenever I play solo queue. Even though I'm playing as Support, there will be games that I can affect a lot on the map. But there will be games that I cannot even play the game because the game is already over at like three minute window and people will just keep up. So I think that's been pretty sad for me especially because I played in like Korea, China. And the soloqueue quality is just so much different there. And yeah, I think that is pretty sad thing. CoreJJ said that he thinks that support is the second most impactful position in solo queue. Do you agree with that sentiment? I think jungler is the most important and I think Support can be the second most important. Just because Support can be the second jungler. So even though your team, your AD carry's bad, you can just roam top or mid and then hope that they can carry the game for you. Like you can give them the resources. But yeah, I will say support is second most impactful lane in solo queue as long as you have the right teammates. Obviously one of the biggest stories in the LCS currently is the release of Dardoch from Dignitas. You’re someone that was a former teammate of Dardoch’s, what are you initial impressions on this situation. How do you think he'll do on Immortals? I mean, I think he was always a great player. But I'm not sure how his attitude was, besides when I worked with him. Which when I worked with him on CLG I personally thought he was the best jungler I've worked with. We matched pretty well like in mid-jungle. And personally, I don't think his work ethic was necessarily bad. But, unfortunate thing happened. But I can't speak for afterwards. But if like this kind of transits keep happening, there must be something wrong in some way. And I think him changing to coach...I'm not sure if he's going to come back to player or is going to keep being a coach, but I wish the best of him I think he was a really talented player. And he does kind of sucks that he couldn't like, stick to a team and show what he is capable.   

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