Dota 2 New Patch 7.31D is Here. What’s the Pub Meta?

WindandRain 2022-06-11 01:41:25
  Image describes the new Dota 2 pub meta with humorous comments. New Dota 2 Pub Meta
Here's my predictions for the new Dota 2 pub meta.
This is mostly pub focused. Safe laners can't rely on getting salved anymore. The best safe laners will be relatively independent, and they will be able to help their team by split pushing even before they join in fights. Tower threats and global presence are key here.  Meta Defining Safe Lane Pick: Wraith King. Again. Wraith King is not only independent and can jungle quickly, but he also can split push without even going into the lane.  He can also take on more of a pos 2 role if you want a farm heavy mid laner. Meta Defining Mid Lane Pick: Arc Warden. He's an omnipresent tower threat, a heavy farmer, and fierce backline in a teamfight. His synergy with maelstrom makes him ideal for countering the inevitable presence of zoos, as well as piercing through Tiny's armor. You know there's gonna be a Tiny like every game. Meta Defining Off Lane Pick: Beast Master. He's strong. Whenever beast master is strong he becomes meta defining. Enough said. Meta Defining Soft Support Pick: Hoodwink. Where your cores will need to be split push threats, your supports will need to catch them. Hoodwink excels at catch and kill. Meta Defining Hard Support Pick: Winter Wyvern. Not only is she good at catch, but she's also good in a teamfight, and she can also heal. Hard support healers are going to be back in a big way. I was tempted to say Warlock for that reason.
Other heroes.
Juggernaut is on here because I think he's going to be generally strong. He doesn't exactly fit into the meta. But being able to fight a bit early with  a Diffusal Blade helps. He can also spin-TP. That makes him nice if you have a farming mid lane. Hope you find this guide to the new Dota 2 pub meta helpful. If you like this content maybe you'll like my guide on how to get your friends into Dota 2.
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