A Beginner’s Guide on how to play Stormgate by a Noob

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How to play Stormgate? A Beginner's Guide on how to play Stormgate by a Noob. Hold your breath, Stormgate is here to evoke all kinds of old memories. For beginners, it’s paramount to understand the basics of the game, and who better than a noob himself to guide you in the infant stages? Make no mistake: This beginner’s guide to playing Stormgate is noob friendly. High IQ level gamers can also gauge the simplicity from a noob’s perspective if at all it interests you! Without further ado, give a read to the Beginner’s Guide on how to play Stormgate by a Noob! Note: The real-time strategy (RTS) game is in beta playtest access and is open to all from February 5-12, 2024. So make sure to latch on to the opportunity and test the game. Vanguard and Infernals Stormgate

[The Basics]

Stormgate Beginner's Guide: The Basics

To play Stormgate we need to understand the basics of the game. There are two factions, namely, Vanguard and Infernals. Vanguards are the defenders of earth whereas Infernals are the invaders. A third, unknown faction is on the way, but currently inaccessible in this beta, The rules are simple: Be a Vanguard and defend humanity from the invading Infernals or become Infernals and disrupt against the defending Vanguard. A classic tale of battle between the Humans (Vanguard) and the Netherworld (Infernals). That’s the basic information we noobs need to know in the beginner's guide on how to play Stormgate. So far so good? [Command post, B.O.B’s and Luminite (Gold rock) and Therium (Black rocks)]

Stormgate Beginner’s Guide: Resources

In this guide, we’ll strictly be speaking from the viewpoint of being a Vanguard player. We begin the game by building resources, akin to Age of Empires and StarCraft – where two opponents build their base by gathering resources, building an army and eliminating the enemy by destroying their base. There are two main resources to focus on in Stormgate: Luminite and Therium. You need to farm these two resources to build a foundation that can help you to expand your base. For example, Luminite and Therium come in handy to build military units such as barracks and labs, as well as produce infantry and workers. Additionally, you also need to cater to the “supply” aspect of the game which increases the number of units one player can have. For this, you need to build habitats – structures built to increase the limit. You still with me, the noob, yeah?


A noob’s strategy for beginners

  Let’s be honest, this noob-friendly guide is only going to take you so far but that’s a start, right? In the beginning, we start with a “Command Post” and eight “B.O.B’s”. The command post is your main center whilst Bob’s are your workers. As new players, the best strategy would be to focus more on having an army early in the game. The aim is pretty clear – to protect yourself from the enemy’s onslaught, or to launch one yourself so you don't have to worry about an incoming attack altogether. Lancers and Medtechs Stormgate

[Lancers (frontline) and MedTechs (Backline)]

The steps are simple:  
  1. Build a couple of barracks and habitats, ensuring proper demand and supply ratio. But at the same time, make certain that the B.O.B’s are farming Luminite and Therium.
  2. The best strategy for newcomers is to create an army of Lancers and MedTechs. Lancers are the melee infantry and are cost-effective. They have decent armour and bonus damage against structures. They can only use ground attack.
  3. The MedTechs are the supporting infantry. They are the healers and naturally can heal the frontline from the backlines.
  4. Follow it up by upgrading their abilities by constructing the Biokinetics Lab and making the necessary selection.
  5. Build Sentry Outposts – as the name suggests, the structures are an integral part of the strategy which has high armour and attack rate. However, a sentry post in itself isn’t sufficient as the structure as a lone entity is like a lifeless body.
  6. The best way to utilize sentry outposts is by consuming/galloping/swallowing any of the infantry units through which the structure gains special abilities.
  7. As you progress, build other structures like the Hangar Bay which produces various kinds of aircraft carriers and attack units. Similar to the barracks, the units within the Hangar Bay can also be upgraded by building a Machine Lab.

How far can this Beginner’s Guide by a Noob take you?

We don’t take any guarantees on how far this Beginner’s Guide by a Noob will take you. What we can guarantee is that it’ll help you understand a few things that usually take a toll on new players. The best way to get better is to keep grinding until you become efficient in micro-managing and taking charge. Eventually, the victory will be yours. Trust us. Hope you enjoyed reading the Beginner’s Guide on how to play Stormgate by a Noob. If that doesn’t make you happy, then this article might certainly do.
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