April Stormgate development update

EsportsHeaven 2024-04-23 11:35:22
  Frost Giant Studios has released a new progress report and development update for Stormgate and, much to our pleasure, it is extremely transparent. The upcoming RTS is built by many former Blizzard Entertainment developers who worked on the StarCraft and WarCraft franchise, and are looking to revitalize the genre as their roadmap continues for a 1.0 launch. The notes are rather extensive, but some of the highlights are as follows: - 1v1 balance is prioritized. This means that right now, it is the focus as opposed to how things feel in the co-operative game modes and custom game modes.  However, they are hard at work on the campaign and have six playable missions already. - Frost Giant Studios is making efficient moves with less build time than Blizzard Entertainment and making sure to put the time in to not release like other RTS without "core features" like replays, matchmaking, and so on. - A large variety in map pools are being utilized (compared to the relatively homogenized current competitive StarCraft 2 map pool) in order to garner early player feedback going forward. - Art and aesthetics are the team's lowest priority for the time being so the team can more effectively work on and tinker with map layouts to get the gameplay and balance just right. The team has also released a short video you can see below. If you wish to read the extensive article from team themselves, check the full article here. Enjoy RTS? Follow the rest of our coverage here!

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