TWT 2023 Global Finals- Arslan Ash gets his final crown

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Arslan Ash has cemented his legacy as the best Tekken 7 player of all time by winning the TWT 2023 Global Finals. The four-time EVO champion finally got the only jewel missing from his crown. The last Tekken 7 tournament could not have had a more deserving victor.  

Arslan Ash versus South Korea

  The Pakistani King went into Top 8 at a massive regional disadvantage. Khan didn't manage to make it to the tournament for personal reasons and Atif was upset by JeonDDing's incredible Eddie Gordo in the Group Stage. This left us with the following Top 8:  

TWTImage via Bandai Namco Esports

Six South Koreans, one Japanese and one Pakistani player. The story of the entirety of Tekken 7 condensed into a single bracket: Arslan Ash versus South Korea.

Ash's classic rival Knee, widely considered the best player of the Tekken franchise as a whole, was eliminated in the first losers round. But getting to the Grand Finals wasn't about to be an easy road for Pakistan's representative. Ulsan wanted revenge from EVO 2023. This time they met in the Winners Final after beating their respective oppositions. Once again, Ulsan pulled his signature Bob out, but with no success. Arslan's Kunimitsu seemed simply unstoppable. Yet the Kwandong Freecs representative wasn't about to go out without a whimper. Ulsan went for the Kazumi and gave us the best series of the tournament. A nail-biting five game BO5 with a whopping 23 rounds played that ended in the Final Final Round with a second left on the timer.  

Image via Bandai Namco Esports

Arslan Ash knew that he was an arm's length away from lifting the only trophy that kept eluding him.  


  In an eerie repeat of EVO 2023, after pushing Arslan Ash to his limits, Ulsan fell in the Loser's Finals, before ever getting a chance at a second rematch. He was bested by his own teammate CBM, who had one of the best tournaments of his career. The thing is, nothing seem to be enough to take down Arslan. Despite having a seemingly unbeatable Kunimitsu and a respectable Noctis at the ready, Arslan pulled out Katarina in what seemed like a curve-ball pick utilizing his winner's side advantage. It might've really been a curve-ball, but it ended up being a fatal one for CBM. Ash convincingly took down the final South Korean representative 3-1, without even needing a bracket-reset or to pull out his main character.  

Arslan AshImage via Red Bull Gaming

The Pakistani King ascended to Godhood in the Civic Theater in New Orleans. If four EVO wins weren't enough, Arslan Ash has now become the first player and only player to get a Triple Crown in Tekken 7, winning both EVOs and the TWT 2023 Global Finals in a single season. Arslan Ash is the uncontested King of the Iron Fist Tournament and the greatest Tekken 7 player of all time.
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