Big changes to Season of Discovery Phase 3 (SoD)

EsportsHeaven 2024-04-24 02:22:38
  For better or for worse, there's been several changes to SoD's very tumultuous and controversial phase 3 of World of WarCraft's Season of Discovery. While the vocal portion of the community is very critical due to the "abuse early, abuse often" nature of the latest updates, there have definitely been some positive changes lately—some live now and some on the horizon. Here's a list of near-unanimous positively received changes: - Grizzby runes are now a 3g flat rate, with no prerequisites, purchasable in Ratchet. - Seal of Martyrdom will be over 6 times as effective as it currently is, allowing Alliance to have competitive mana management tools to Horde's Shaman. - (Pro AND Con): Sunken Temple was nerfed to be just right... And then they proceeded to nerf it again, causing the endgame content for the next 2 months to be quite trivial, even in comparison to its Phase 2 counterpart, Gnomeregan. - Countermeasures have been put into place to disincentivize griefing around Incursion portals. (Unfortunately, this largely seems like a band-aid fix, but it's still something.) - Mats for Crusader enchant are no longer farmable, and it is now invalidated on WCL (WarCraftLogs) While these are certainly a step in the right direction, some of the negatives of the patch involve tons of FOMO for casual players, as "early abusers" were capable of getting tons of gold and experience from Incursions, had exclusive farms that further destroyed the market, had Shaman's killing people just by standing still, and so on. The reception is hit or miss, but Sunken Temple is considered the best of the leveling raids thus far. What are your thoughts on WoW Season of Discovery Phase 3?
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