cadiaN vs Gla1ve- Who won the Twitter duel?

EsportsHeaven 2022-04-01 04:29:40
  Seems like yesterday’s Danish Derby went beyond the confines of CSGO’s servers when cadiaN changed the map from Vertigo into Twitter. After an extremely close 3 map series, two of which were Overtime wins, Heroic took the win over Astralis.  The series kicked off with Astralis dominating, winning T-Side on Ancient, closing the game 16-12 and transitioning into an impressive 10-5 CT half on Overpass, Heroic’s pick. Yet, cadiaN and the squad didn’t crack and bounced back with a 19-16 win in Overtime.  With Vertigo as the decided, the derby concluded with an extremely close 22-19 win for Heroic, but it seems like both teams’ In Game Leaders still had some calls left in them. cadiaN  followed up his usual post-match tweet with a spicy jab towards Astralis: Gla1ve wasted no time before punching back with a throwback to the Heroic vs Astralis series at the BLAST Premier Fall Final 2021, in which the latter won 2-0 in Copenhagen. The tournament was surrounded by controversy due to the audience’s insistence in helping Astralis’ players with smoke-spams, calls, etc. cadiaN responded with a quote-tweet: The Danish Derby finally came to an end when Glaive threw another jab referring to cadiaN’s now infamous “bragging rights for year” comment, pointing out that despite their talented line-up, Heroic haven’t won a big tournament yet. cadiaN threw the last punch by pointing out how Glaive failed to lead Astralis to what seemed like an easy 2-0 win in the EPL series: Seems like the Danish Derby gets spicier every time these teams meet. Unfortunately they won’t have a chance to play each other again during EPL’s Group Stage, but if both squads go through we might see a rematch to break the tie.  cadiaN was the uncontested winner in the server, but did Gla1ve win the post-match duel?

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