Capcom Cup X Day One- The Birds Falter

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Day One of Capcom Cup X is in the books, with quite a few surprising results to kick us off. The group of death is living up to its name, while Group B is also bringing a few surprises.  

Capcom Cup X Day One Results

  Most of the groups started as planned. Phenom and Kawano swept day one over in Group A, NuckleDu dominated Group C with his Guile, Xian and Fuudo smashed their opposition over in Group E, while Group D, G and H where a lot closer in results.  

Image Image Via Capcom

The interest bits lie in Group B, and Group F,  the group of death. Chris Wong, winner of CPT 2023: France Offline is, expectedly, first place, but he is followed by a nearly brand new Chinese player, who's only been playing since last year.  

The Birds

  DespairKing, the young player born in 2001, won both of his matches, including a 2-1 series victory against Big Bird, winner of Redbull Kumite 2023. The bigger of the Birds (in name, at least) had a rough start to the tournament, but can still come back in time to break his curse, as he put it.  

Capcom Cup X Big BirdImage via X

Angrybird, on the other hand, doesn't have as many chances left, neither does he have a curse to break. The winner of EVO 2023, who placed 5th to 6th at the last Capcom Cup, had the toughest schedule of the tournament, and lost both of his matches. The angrier of the Birds had to go against both Caba and MenaRD, the stars of the Dominican Republic, and lost the two BO3 series. This places him in a very uncomfortable position, as only two players per group qualify. It is not impossible for either Caba or MenaRD to slip and lose a few games, but Angrybird will probably have to play a flawless tournament to even have a chance of qualifying, now. We might live in a world where the winner of EVO 2023 doesn't even reach Top 16 of Capcom Cup X, and that's just the nature of random group draws. Who's coming out of Day two of the group stage victorious?
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