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Capcom Cup X- Everything you need to know

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Capcom Cup X, the biggest tournament of the year for Street Fighter 6 is nearly here.  The jewel of the crown for the Capcom Pro Tour 2023, and the conclusion of the first CPT of Street Fighter 6, is going to be one hell of a tournament. We'll be covering everything you need to know about Capcom Cup X.  

Capcom Cup X Participants

  There are, in total, 48 players headed to Burbank to compete in Capcom Cup X. They are the winners of the Offline Premiers, Online Premiers, World Warrior Circuit's Regional Finals and, last but not least, the winner of the Last Chance Qualifier. The three notable entries are obviously the Offline Premier winners:
  • Angrybird- Evolution Championship Series 2023
  • gachikun- CPT 2023: Singapore Offline
  • Chris Wong- CPT 2023: France Offline
In addition to these, a lot of other extremely powerful players are here, including MenaRD, Big Bird, NuckleDu, Kawano and a lot more. Two very notable absences are Punk and Kakeru, who failed to qualify entirely, despite really good results throughout 2023.  

Capcom Cup X Group Stage

  The 48 players are divided into 8 groups of 6. They'll be playing Ft2 (BO3) matches in a single-round robin, with only 2 players per group qualifying tot he playoffs.  

Capcom Cup XImage via Liquipedia

All of the groups seem relatively balanced, with the exception of Group F, the definition of a group of death. MenaRD and AngryBird, the EVO 2023 finalists ended up in the same group, in what is probably the biggest rivalry in Street Fighter 6, so far. They are both favorites to make it out, but we could genuinely lose one of the potential tournament winners go home early if they make a slight misstep in the single-round robin matches.  

The Massive Prize Pool

  Capcom Cup X has the biggest prize pool we've ever seen for any fighting game, let alone Street Fighter 6. There are a million dollars on the line for the winner, with a total prize pool of $1,734,000 USD. This is life-changing money for these players, and a lot more than they've ever gotten before. For reference, MenaRD won $120,000 USD when he finished 1st place in Capcom Cup IX. If he finishes third in Capcom Cup X, he'll get $200,000 USD.  

Capcom Cup X Playoffs

  The playoffs, or Final Bracket,  of the tournament is a top 16. The first player of each group heads to the winner's side, while the runner ups head to the loser's side of the bracket.  

Image Image via Red Bull Gaming

  Just like in Capcom Cup IX, the playoffs are double elimination with all matches being Ft3 (BO5). The Grand Finals can go to two sets of BO5s, if the player who came from the loser's side wins the first set.  

Broadcast Talent

  The broadcast for Capcom Cup X is stacked, as always. Here are the commentators:
  • James Chen
  • Jammerz
  • Marine
  • RobTV
  • Rynge
  • Saint Cola
  • Sajam
  • Tasty Steve
  • Ultradavid
  • Vicious
They've already been casting the Last Chance Qualifier, and they'll be keeping you company on the broadcast until the end of the tournament.  

Schedule And Location

  Capcom Cup X will take place in Burbank, California, at AVALON Hollywood, a small venue with a capacity of 1250 people.  

Image Image via Capcom

The first matches of the Group Stage begin today, February 21st at 12PM PST. The Groups will go on for three days, until February 23rd, where we'll get our top 16 locked-in. February 24th will be a day off for most, with the finals of Street Fighter League: World Championship 2023 taking place. The entirety of the top 16 Final Bracket will take place on the 25th, Sunday, starting at 3PM PST.
Featured Image Via Capcom. Check out our home page for more Street Fighter 6 content.

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