Charity effort spotlight: Paws Your Game

DreXxiN 2022-09-22 07:09:09
  This week, we live up to the "Esports Heaven" moniker and present to you a unique and wholesome charity event. We invite you to join in on the fun! The event works with the charity "Paws Your Game" , helping animals brought to shelters avoid unnecessary euthanasia. The event is hosted by the World of WarCraft guild "A Night Off" and is partnered with the likes of Questionably Epic. It will be hosted front and center on Raider.IO and Liquid+. The event will be broadcast live on Friday October 14th , kicking off at 11am EST. The stream will be live on the guild's Twitch channel here. Charity and good causes have always been a primary motivating factor for us at Esports Heaven, and we'd love to have you take part. You are invited to come keep our doggo friends & company safe and  have a blast for a good cause!🐶  
Michale is the Editor-in-Chief of Esports Heaven. Follow him on Twitter at @ESHDrexxin. Check more MMO content over at our MMO section. Interested in the guild? Shoot over a Tweet and we'll put you in contact with a recruitment officer.

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