China"e;s Fall, Origen"e;s rise to dominance, and the second coming of Kabum! – Worlds Day 4 Roundup

Noogen 2015-10-04 07:29:16

If you’re betting on Worlds games then today is just as unpredictable as yesterday, if not more. It does not help that most teams still don’t have a handle on how pick or bans should be working on this patch -- so for the coming week, pray that they are more polished. On the other hand, they were a lot more enjoyable from a spectator point of view, so try to lay back and enjoy the show, short of pulling your own hair out at frustrating moments.






Words can barely describe the pick-ban phase. First pick Mordekaiser for TSM, Brand support, GodV unleashes his Diana, and Nunu given to original Loulex also known as TBQ. Dyrus giving Darius another chance counting the Juggernaut tally up to two for TSM. The big thing to note is that there are two teleports this game (Pyl switched to ignite afterwards) from both toplaners and both midlaners.


As exciting as that draft phase, nothing could prepare us for what happened in game. Not even a few minutes passed in the game when multiple teleports came in from both sides to bot lane for a massive skirmish ending in a 2-1 kill advantage to TSM. Not only that but TSM got a dragon at 9 minutes, 10 minutes sooner than the average 19 minutes for a first dragon for the NA teams at worlds from their regular season NA LCS.


This game was messy. It wasn’t super well played from both teams, and both teams took turns throwing. It must have felt like home for most NA fans but it was damn sure entertaining if not high quality. No reasonable analyst could have predicted how poorly LGD would play this game despite not performing yesterday against KT, no matter how many memes were thrown out by them.  I’m not going to ruin the experience for fans who haven’t seen the game yet because like I said -- words can barely describe it. Just keep an eye out for Mordekaiser, and expect him to remain banned for almost the rest of the tournament. But hey, silver lining, TSM won’t go 0-6 through worlds after today!


KT vs OG



European fans will never stop being pleased over Origen’s performance all Worlds. Nagne’s Ekko was a bit of a mystery. It wasn’t as good as Rookie’s Ekko but it was serviceable. Ssumday’s Olaf ran over Soaz’s Fiora a few times early on, but the story of the game for the first half was like watching a boxing match of two equal individuals skilled at different styles. Origen would outplay KT, but KT would outmaneuver Origen with numbers.


The breaking point of the duel was a fabulously executed Baron rush utilizing their double teleports, and since then Origen just pushed KT over the ledge and systematically destroyed KT’s base and closed the game. KT played well but it wasn’t enough for this new Origen that showed up at Worlds, stronger than they’ve ever looked in the EU LCS. Nothing but praise can be given to the team’s new Head Coach, Hermit for how he stepped up and helped the team shape up to take down Group D.


iG vs AHQ




iG fans can rest a little easier since I’ll break it to you early, they beat ahq. It wasn’t super messy, it wasn’t super well played, and it wasn’t the game of the week with tense moments or anything of the sort. ahq messed up here and there and iG capitalized. There’s honestly not too much to hype up in this game since iG still had big mistakes around dragon and baron but no matter what, LPL and iG fans can only hope that iG take this victory and perform better next week at groups.


C9 vs FNC




The most anticipated match for western fans today especially after C9’s great showing so far at worlds thus far. Fnatic’s draft was horrible going out of here, giving Incarnation and Sneaky both Azir and Tristana yet again, and last picking Yasuo into a Darius. Despite the fact that Yasuo can be set up with Orianna, Gragas, and Alistar, Yasuo is a horrible pick into Darius.


This game might be the most memorable C9 vs Fnatic game to date and maybe all of group stages. For the majority of the early game, Ball went from playing dominant to messing up with his apprehends, and C9 decimating towers with Tristana. The midgame just wasn’t C9’s friend as Fnatic started abusing them with skirmishes in the mid-game and a horrible baron attempt for C9 that could have ended the game for them had Incarnation not secured baron on Azir.


The important thing to note in this game is how weak Fnatic has proved this week finishing 1-3 and Huni not being as dominant as everyone thought they would be after their undefeated Summer Split run this year. This week however is a week for Americans with Cloud9 protected with plot-armor. The result? The Korean Solo queue Diamond 2 superstar Balls ends the game with a result that no one in the world could have seen coming.


Pentakill! C9 fans and Americans across the globe rejoiced all at once, and Fnatic fans were left shellshocked. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: What happens to Fnatic once the cracks show? Their performance next week will be key to their viability to the rest of the tournament.






If things were looking too good for NA, then at least this is the game that the North American hype train makes a pitstop because CLG definitely didn’t deliver. I have to admit, this game didn’t live up to any sort of hype because it was a one way train for KOO to CLG’s nexus with Hojin completely destroying North America’s first seeded team. I wanted to say that you should stop giving Azir and Tristana to teams but this game proves me wrong... for now.


Oh also, you really shouldn’t give Kuro Viktor.


PaiN vs FW




The second coming of Alliance is here. Flash Wolves beat Koo but lost to Pain, the almost equivalent to Alliance beating Najin White Shield but losing to Kabum. It was a messy game too, a trend prevalent for the fourth day of Worlds. The first twenty minutes were relatively passive with one kill from each team but PaiN was getting gold leads everywhere, whenever possible until Pain started throwing with very questionable plays from Mylon’s Gnar going rambo.


Despite that, PaiN’s draft looked a lot better with their decision to put brTT on a long ranged AD carry instead of a close ranged one like Kalista in prior days, and the team pulled together after losing an inhibitor to decimate FW and push to win immediately after. Flash Wolves most likely “should” have won, but one slip up was one too many and cost them the game.


PaiN, like Kabum, has helped a western team almost guarantee getting out of groups. That team being CLG, so once again NA owes their Brazilian brothers-in-arms their thanks.



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