Chinese Dota 2 hero names and their memes

KarY 2020-09-03 10:35:14
Chinese Dota 2 hero names and their memes. Every hero has its unique name, and also a nickname. Those who aren’t familiar with Perfect World Dota 2 might be curious as to what Chinese players call these heroes. If I add an abbreviation after a hero name, e.g. Anti mage (AM), that means we also generally use the English abbreviation (AM) to call this hero (Anti mage). Tips: You can use translation software below for fuller context for the Hanzi below. Earthshaker (ES), we call it "小牛 (xiao niu)" which means “little bull” because in DotA 1, ES looks like a bull, but younger than Elder Titan, who is called"大牛 (da niu)" which means “big bull”. Both of them are bulls in DotA 1, so we keep it that way even today. Kunkka (Coco), we call it "船长 (chuan zhang)", which means sea captain. We also call his four skills in order: "水 shui“, "水刀 shui dao", "叉 cha", "船 chuan". There is a joke that goes " 叉水船,只中了个寂寞” which means the player piloting Kunkka uses all skills to combo a rival hero, but only the third skill hits the target. Brewmaster, we call it"熊猫酒仙 (xiong mao jiu xian)" or just “酒仙 or 大猫 (da mao)”. In DotA 1 most of players love this hero for he is a panda, and his ultimate splits into other three spirit pandas, which are the Storm spirit (蓝猫), Ember spirit (火猫) and Earth spirit (土猫). All of them are cute and strong. In addition, the Void Spirit is called  "紫猫 (zi mao)". It’s most likely because of its purple skin colour. There’s also a Chinglish joke that applies to spirit heroes - Storm Spirit = blue cat, Ember Spirit = fire cat, Void Spirit = purple cat. Treant Protector, we call it "大树 (da shu)" because it is a really big tree. also a joke goes that the "补刀斧大树保大哥“ which means that Treant buys a quelling blade to support its carry to counter lane and as we all know, his original base attack damage is very high, so his carry may get nothing from the lane. IO (Wisp) is also called as "小精灵(xiao jing ling)“. Jing-ling are we? Snapfire, we call it "老奶奶 (lao nai nai) that translates to granny since she looks like our kind and cute granny. Most Chinese players believe that snapfire must be a beauty in her young age, and also hope that her young model (persona) comes soon. Slardar, we call it "大鱼 (da yu)" means big fish. Slark, we call it "小鱼 (xiao yu)" means small fish. Lifestealer, we call it "小狗 (xiao gou)" means small dog. Magnus, we call it "小象(xiao xiang)" means small elephant. Doom, we call it "末日 (mo ri) or just Doom". While playing Doom, we call him “doom daddy”, yes Daddy doom! Spiritbreaker (SB),we call it “白牛(bai niu)” which means white bull because of its skin. Besides, "sb" is also a F*** word in Chinese. When you feel somebody is stupid, you can call him SB. The most interesting part is when you call SB as sb in a game. Underlord, we call it “大屁股 (da pi gu)”, means big ass. To be honest, his ass was not that big. Anti-Mage (AM), we call it "敌法 (di fa)", means the sworn enemy of magic. There is a joke that goes "三万敌法一秒躺", which means that the weakest AM is not when he counters the lane in the beginning of the game, but when he gets to 30000 coins (gold) and has no item to update, and may die in one second in a team fight by a rival enemy's point attack. By the way, something about Wei (苇), most Chinese players think Wei is not a female AM, but the AM is in a woman's attire. Drow Ranger, we call it "小黑 (xiao hei)", means the little black because in DotA 1 she has a better name, "黑暗游侠" Dark ranger, and a better model from the WoW queen, Sylvanas. We all love the queen. Juggernaut, we call it "剑圣 (jian sheng)", means the blade master which is also a name from DotA 1. In the recent version, we also call it "奶棒人(nai bang ren)" or the milk stick man. Mirana, we call it "Pom" (Princess of the Moon) from DotA 1. Morphling,we call it  ”水人(shui ren)”, means the water man. As we all know, morphling is also the bug man in Dota 2. Morphling always remind me of Ame's wave in TI 8 where LGD lost the finals, what a pity! Phantom Lancer, we call it "猴子(hou zi)", means the monkey. The legendary DotA 1 player ZSMJ's symbolic hero. Sniper, a relative positive name, we call it “火枪 (huo qiang)”, means the fire gun and a relative joking name, "矮子 (ai zi)", meaning a short man. There’s also a name we used to call him before, “传说哥 (chuan shuo ge)", meaning the legend dude. Bounty Hunter (BH), we call it "赏金 (shang jin)", means the bounty. We call his third skill "借钱 (jie qian)", meaning borrow money. Surely, enjoying the pleasure of borrowing money from a rival enemy and not paying it back. Ursa, we call it "拍拍 (pai pai)", means pat pat. Named from DotA 1 because of attack skill which just goes "pat pat" to the enemy. Ursa in DotA 1 is very cute, not so cruel as in Dota 2.
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