CN fans reactions & memes on NTS situation

Volamel 2021-09-15 04:11:18
  CN fans reactions & memes on NTS situation. Approvals for overseas travelling have been obtained for Oli & NothingToSay!
ARTICLE written by Leon Arthur
  According to Babyoling on her Twitter, Malaysian Dota 2 players NothingToSay from PSG.LGD and Oli from Invictus Gaming have successfully obtained approvals for their trip to TI 10! For the past weeks, PSG.LGD and their CN fans have been highly following the news on NothingToSay’s Visa situation. Many from CN are worried that he would not be able to join the team for The International 10. There are even rumors flying around saying that PSG.LGD are already looking for substitutes for the worst case scenario, names like Xm, Dstones, Setsu are in the list. With Babyoling’s statement breaking out yesterday, there has not been any confirmation from PSG.LGD’s official social media yet. However, they did have something to say. PSG.LGD posted a GIF indicating life is hard, and saying that they will not be releasing any statement until things are 100% confirmed. Here’s why they are so cautious. Back on 3rd of September, PSG.LGD released a post stating that they were expecting NothingToSay to arrive in Romania around 10th of September, however, the process was slower than expected, and that resulted in many of the fans being nervous and furious on PSG.LGD’s Weibo. CN It is clearly obvious that all the China fans are sincerely hoping that the Rank 1 superstar NothingToSay will be able to join the team in Romania for TI 10 as they are seen as the favorite to win the TI 10 championship. Hence, the entire NothingToSay’s situation has generated a lot of news, memes, and funny reactions. Here are some of them : CN CN As of this moment, there is no confirmation on NothingToSay’s situation from PSG.LGD’s official social media. We will all wait patiently and let’s give our best wishes to both NothingToSay and Oli. CN After claiming the championship of the OGA Dota Pit Invitational, LGD said on their social media that their recent results are a huge boost of encouragement and recognition to the team. They will stay humble, and hope that the team will perform even better in the future. They will now be back to practicing, while waiting for NothingToSay to gather with the team, thanks for all the support and belief.
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