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Day 4

Day 4 Predictions for ESL One Cologne; Best bets!

KarY 2019-07-05 01:51:18
  The play-offs start tomorrow in the LANXESS Arena. Liquid and Astralis have already made their way to the semi-finals. Four teams will lock horns tomorrow to unveil the squads that will face the best and the second-best team in the world starting on Day 4. NRG vs Vitality   Head to Head Vitality has won 4 maps against NRG, whereas the NA team won only 2. NRG beat the Frenchmen in April, at the StarSeries iLeague Season 7 in a bo3 2-0. Following that, they faced each other during CS_Summit in May and ECS S7 last month. Map wise Surprisingly, both the times these two teams faced each other in bo3s, the map veto was the exact same. Both played Mirage and Overpass. Both won 2-0. However, overpass went into overtime both the times. This leads us to conclude that we are definitely seeing Overpass tomorrow, and it will be really close. Vitality are much better on Inferno, whereas NRG thrive on Train. NRG have not won a single game on Inferno in the recent past. Vitality has hardly ever played Train.    Players to watch out for: Zywoo has proved himself to be the best player in the French scene at the moment. After seeing his ridiculous clutches today, it is safe to say that he is in top form. With an average Impact Rating of 1.31, you can expect to see some body bags and trade frags from this guy. But just because he is the best in the team does not mean that his team does not lift their own weight. On the contrary, Brehze is the star player in the NA lineup. But there have been times where he was the only gun that was blazing on the team. If the rest of his team fails him tomorrow, it will be disappointing. Vitality are ranked 3rd on the global leaderboard, whereas NRG are on 6th. Predicted winner - Vitality Upset Potential - High   Natus Vincere vs NiP   Head to head NiP has taken 5 maps off Na`Vi from the start of 2018. Na`Vi beat NiP in 11 matches. While NiP has a chance in bo1s, the Swedes have never managed to beat them in a bo3.  Map wise NiP is pretty good on Dust2. It is one of their comfort picks. That being said, Na`Vi never shy away from Dust2, and can give the Ninjas a tough run for their money.  Unfortunately, on LITERALLY every other map, the boys in yellow are superior. Players to watch out for It goes without saying that Na`Vi have a god that walks among mortals - s1mple. To compliment his AWPing prowess, electronic is a mean rifler. NiP on the other hand, have some issues going on with their consistency. The latest addition Plopski, might crack under the pressure of playing with some of the best in the world. REZ has been looking shaky. Either he top frags for his team, or fails to show up entirely. F0rest and GeT_RiGhT being the most experienced players in the team will have to channel the energy of their team in the right direction. The way f0rest stepped up today in his match against Astralis does give NiP a glimmer of hope. Predicted winner - Natus Vincere Upset Potential - Low
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