Did Blizzard Just Confirm World Of Warcraft: Classic Plus?

EsportsHeaven 2023-09-30 12:30:08

After a rather sketchy leak and the return of a longtime veteran, did Blizzard Entertainment just confirm World Of Warcraft: Classic Plus?  

What is "World Of Warcraft: Classic Plus"?

    Earlier this month an anonymous post on 4chan reportedly gave details on an upcoming expansion to World Of Warcraft: Classic. Titled "World Of Warcraft: Awakening" this project would deviate from the standard World Of Warcraft timeline and explore new opportunities for the IP.  The post describes what the level cap would increase to 70, much like it did in World Of Warcraft: Burning Crusade.  Allegedly fan favorite zones like Mount Hyjal and the Emerald Dream would be included as well.  The project's goals seem to aim to explore the "what if" of World Of Warcraft: Classic if the Dark Portal never opened.  However, what adds credence to the post is the return of Chris Metzen.  

What Could It Include?

    Blizzard Entertainment recently saw the return of Chris Metzen as Executive Creative Director. The former Senior Vice President of Story and Franchise Development retired in September 2016. Metzen would later return as a creative advisor in December of 2022 before stepping back into a full-time role this month.  "It’s been amazing working on Warcraft again," Metzen posted on social media. "Like coming home. The stories we’re developing right now – how the world unfolds over the next few years… Well, I can’t wait for y’all to see where we’re headed." Both seem inconspicuous but together there seems to be more than meets the eye. With the admittance of a project in the works, the continued success of World Of Warcraft: Classic, and the timing in relation to BlizzCon happening this November feels too coincidental to be true.      According to MMO-Population.com World Of Warcraft: Classic has a player base of around 29 million players. This is a fraction of their reported statistics for World Of Warcraft in general. However, what is fascinating is that World Of Warcraft: Classic is reported to have a considerably high daily active users.  That added to the success of World Of Warcraft: Classic Hardcore, one thing is certain--there is a community that can be catered to.  If World Of Warcraft: Classic Plus were to hit the digital marketplace, it would follow some precedent set within the MMO ecosystem.  

Where Has This Happened Before?

    Runescape has been a cult hit for nearly two decades and seen constant iterations. However, shortly after the start of 2013, Jagex opened a poll testing the interest of a "classic" version of the beloved game. Approximately 50,000 votes rushed in and "Old School Runescape" was born.  To this day, Old School Runescape receives content updates to the game completely separate from its incredibly modern counterpart.  It is that formula that World Of Warcraft fans have been clamouring for. A product that is tailored to the original fans of the base game that have been lost to antiquity.  Fans of the beloved MMORPG will flock to Anaheim, California this November for BlizzCon 2023.  World Of Warcraft: Classic Plus or "World Of Warcraft: Awakening" will be the question on everyone's lips. 
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