Doomfist REWORK Details Are Live! What You Need To Know

EsportsHeaven 2022-04-21 11:26:43

  WARNING: Tank Doomfist has arrived and holy busted buttcracks, this man is OP! Load the Workshop movement trainers and brush up on your boxing, Doomfist’s rework has finally be revealed after the Overwatch 2 embargo lifted earlier this week.   The leaks were true. Doomfist looks to slot in where Wrecking Ball was as your premier disruptor-esq tank. The big changes are his additional ability in Power Block, a frontal absorb that empowers his next Rocket Punch while also blocking damage and projectiles. And Seismic Slam which now vaults you much like a Winston jump, meaning your going to take off and your arc will be decided by where your looking. Look straight up? Jump with a high arc, but with a short distance. Look forward? Jump with a lower arc, but traveling a farther distance. This new functionality takes the position of Uppercut, which has been removed and condenses the kit down but also keeping it very “Doomfist”.  We’re just saying; yall might want to brush up on your Sombra mechanics because Doomfist is getting some very high praises--and rightfully so.  While his damage is not anywhere near where it is in Overwatch 1, his rework is going to wreck havoc on the ranked ladder once we all get into the beta. 
  Images via Blizzard Entertainment

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