Dota 2: DPC China Division I: Heroes with the highest winrate

EsportsHeaven 2022-07-28 03:16:46
  Dota 2’s DPC China Division I Tour 3 has ended with four teams securing their rightful place at the Arlington Major – the last of its kind before The International (TI) 11. Besides qualifying to the Arlington Major and inch a step closer to TI 11, DPC China Division I Tour 3 also provided the ever important DPC points. 1150 DPC points were distributed amongst the top five placed teams. China is best known for housing the most powerful teams in the game and have consistently placed in the top in the majority of the competitions. Here’s a list of heroes with the highest win rate in the DPC China Division I Tour 3: Monkey King The evasive immortal god features in the first spot with a 26% pick rate and 75% win rate. The mischievous troublemaker is highly loved in the Eastern part of the world due to his insane manoeuvrability and high scaling potential. He’s primarily used as carry but can also be used as a roamer/support, thanks to his abilities that provide vision; who wouldn’t love jumping from one tree to another and provide all the vision in the world? He’s equipped with a self-healing ability after a few auto attacks on the same enemy unit, or inflicting critical damage with Boundless Strike, or even zoning out enemies with his ultimate – defensively or offensively – that not only slows down the opposition but also creates absolute chaos. No wonder why China prefers Monkey King, since they are the masters of chaos themselves. Puck This puny little punk always finds his way into pro games in China as well. He’s very agile and a master at escaping. He deals an insane amount of damage and is very difficult to get hold of. But that also makes him a hard hero to master. His ultimate not only deals damage but also locks everyone in one place (for their own good), because if those caught enemies try to escape, the damage dealt is even more. 34% pick rate and 75% win rate. Puck can turn around games single handedly, especially when he goes on a rampage with early level gains and itemisation. China though has a great track record with Puck historically as they have utilised the hero to its full potential consistently at every premium event. Warlock Speaking of something unique, China is effectively utilising Warlock, unlike other regions. Warlock is as good a hero as they come – he can deal fatal damage by linking multiple enemy units in a bond, can heal his allies or himself or even cause damage to the enemy with the same skill, can lethargically slow down the enemy in a radius by channelling Upheaval, or call down upon Golem from hell – stunning and burning the enemy in process. Warlock is extremely effective with aggressive heroes with high base damage or aggressive skills. He can easily manipulate a lane and give his team the advantage by pushing the lane and applying pressure on the enemy team. Overall, an underrated and a low risk-high reward hero but extremely squishy as well.
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