DPC EEU Division I: Heroes with the highest winrate

EsportsHeaven 2022-07-21 02:35:27
  Dota 2’s DPC EEU (Eastern Europe) Division I Tour 3 has ended with three teams securing their rightful place at the Arlington Major – the last of its kind before The International (TI) 11. Besides qualifying to the Arlington Major and inch a step closer to TI 11, DPC EEU Division I Tour 3 also provided the ever important DPC points. 1150 DPC points were distributed amongst the top five placed teams. But to reach that point, every team battled it out and brought something unique to the meta. EEU has its own unique gameplay that transcends across the globe and it’s wonderful to witness. Here’s a list of heroes with the highest win rate in the DPC EEU Division I Tour 3: Snapfire Snapfire sits at an astonishing win rate of 75% with a 50% pick rate. Her uses are far too many to write down but we will try to be precise. She is a versatile and high damage dealing hero, with every skill playing a decisive role in the game. She can set up fights, slow down the enemy, offload a barrage of quick shots at the enemy, stun the enemy, save an ally and deal a huge amount of AoE (Area of Effect) damage. She combos really well with almost every hero in some way or the other and in general is very effective, thus the high win rate. Enchantress Another hero with an impressive win rate, Enchantress sits at 25% pick rate and 70% win rate. It clearly signifies one thing: she is underrated and also very situational, or maybe, players aren’t aware of how to play her. She is a tough hero to deal with, especially in the early stage where any incoming physical attacks from her enemy is slowed down to an annoying limit. It becomes a slow motion reel - fun to watch, but annoying to experience. She can heal the team, convert neutral creeps or enemy creeps and apply pressure on the lane, and also provide considerable damage with Impetus. There’s no one like her, but still teams don’t understand her. Puck WTF? This puny little punk always finds his way into pro games.   He’s very agile and a master at escaping. He deals an insane amount of damage and is very difficult to get hold of. But that also makes him a hard hero to master. His ultimate not only deals damage but also locks everyone in one place (for their own good), because if those caught enemies try to escape, the damage dealt is even more. 35% pick rate and 71% win rate. Puck can turn around games single handedly, especially when he goes on a rampage with early level gains and itemization.
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