DPC Games of the Week ft. Alliance, OG & more

KarY 2021-02-03 04:08:34
  The new DPC season is in full swing and the second week has had its fair share of exciting games. For many, it is difficult to follow each and every game, and it's exactly why we bring you DPC Weekly! Talents such as Murielle "Kips" Huisman, Daniel "BigJams" Offen, Luke "Fluke" Pate and Jack "MoFarah" Williams join us to discuss their favourite DPC games of the week. Let's begin.  

BigJams (Alliance vs. OG)

My pick for the week would be Alliance vs OG, which was won 2-0 by the underdog team. Not a perfect game by either team, SSASpartan ran me through the various draft mistakes OG made in the latest episode of the DPC Show, but it was very exciting to see Alliance positioning themselves to best take advantage of those mistakes. It also very much mixes things up in the EU Div 1, with Alliance now challenging OG for a top 4 spot.

Kips (DLG vs. Dragon)

Dragon fight their way out of getting overrun by a Lycan. They take big risks in doing so, including one 2v4(!) go. On the other team Dev1ce plays an absolutely stunning game on his Earthshaker, single-handedly winning his team multiple teamfights with beautiful fissures and echoslams. Chaotic, but a banger.

MoFarah (Empire vs. Spirit)

Series of the week for me out of pure enjoyment and underdog factor was empire vs spirit. If you've never seen a medusa with a ballista before then game 3 is the one for you! Also includes a cool mars build to try and deal with the terrifying damage output of the snake lady. As a big fan of neon though it's worth mentioning their huge win vs TNC this week. Was a joy to watch them keep turning peoples heads!

Fluke (Neon vs. TNC)

I feel like each week I'm going to be choosing a Neon series. This time it was against TNC. They eventually got a 2-1 victory over the staples of SEA, but this time around it was with a Troll Warlord position 5 and some godly Pangolier plays from PlayHard-. This series had everything, Rapiers, high skilled Morphling plays, weird plays and just an exciting series to watch. If you haven't watched Neon Esports play Dota yet, you should do yourself a favour and watch them. They are the next big thing coming out of SEA.
Additionally, Dan Offen has a new show, The DPC Show, summarizing the weeks action in all 6 regions, help by 6 analysts each focusing on one region. It can be found in video as well as audio format. Editor's note: The second week of the DPC has made one thing clear: there are new teams on the horizon that are hungry to taste the sweet smell of success, and they won't let the staples have an easy time. Alliance getting their groove back, Neon upsetting the SEA giants with weird and amazing picks, and new entrants from China making waves. Oh, and definitely do not miss out on the rise of Empire and Spirit from the CIS region as well!
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