DPC Games of the Week ft. T1, TNC, EG & LGD

KarY 2021-02-10 06:02:06
  The new DPC season is in full swing and the third week has had its fair share of exciting games. For many, it is difficult to follow each and every game, and it's exactly why we bring you DPC Weekly! Talents such as Murielle "Kips" Huisman, Daniel "BigJams" Offen, Luke "Fluke" Pate and Jack "MoFarah" Williams join us to discuss their favourite DPC games of the week. Let's begin.  

BigJams (EG vs. Undying)

It wasn't an incredible game, but I enjoyed watching EG vs Undying - Undying had, prior to this, won all of their games as a newly formed team, but had only played either in the qualifiers or against the weakest teams in Div 1. It was good to see them properly tested and see how they matched up. Undying pulled out some interesting stuff, but ultimately were bested by superior drafting by EG. It was a real watershed moment for both teams, EG proving that they are definitely one of the top 2 teams in the region and undying showing they can just about compete with the big boys. I expect more from Undying going forwards as they get more experienced with each other.

Kips (Elephant vs. PSG.LGD)

In a must-win match for Elephant's chances at a top 4 finish, the wobbly superteam finally squeaked past another top contender--PSG.LGD. It took almost a full hour of team-fighting before Paparazi's Troll finally smashed through the enemy ancient.

MoFarah (T1 vs. TNC)

Elephant vs LGD was without a doubt the most exciting series for me this week. The 2 Chinese power houses hadn't performed to expectations yet so there was a lot on the line, especially before the 2 week break. In a series with plenty of twists and turns there's great viewing to be found! T1 vs TNC was a close 2nd. When there's a rapier in every game of the series you KNOW it's gonna be good!

Fluke (T1 vs. TNC)

My series/game this week would have to be T1 vs TNC. This series was not only a good series, but also a series that meant a lot to both teams (A win for T1 meant going 3-1 and win for TNC meant 2-2 and hopes of top 3 still alive). Two 60+ minute games, full 3 game series, signature heroes all over the place and just two juggernauts of SEA Dota standing toe-to-toe throwing everything they have at each other until only 1 is left standing.
Additionally, Dan Offen has a new show, The DPC Show, summarizing the weeks action in all 6 regions, helped by 6 analysts each focusing on one region. It can be found in video as well as audio format. Editor's note: The third week of the DPC has witnessed EG cementing their top tier position in North America as well as the rise of T1: an org that has been struggling ever since their foray into Dota 2. However, it'll be interesting to see how Chinese teams perform once they return from their two weeks break.
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