DPC Weekly ft. BigJams, Kips, Fluke and MoFarah

KarY 2021-01-26 06:15:05
  The new DPC season is in full swing and the first week has had its fair share of exciting games. For many, it is difficult to follow each and every game, and it's exactly why we bring you DPC Weekly! Talents such as Murielle "Kips" Huisman, Daniel "BigJams" Offen, Luke "Fluke" Pate and Jack "MoFarah" Williams join us to discuss their favourite DPC games of the week. Let's begin.

Kips (Dotabuff Match ID)

Last game of a bo3, 1.5 hours, six rapiers, LGD holding against mega-creeps, level 30s pretty much across the board and everyone all aghs'd and sharded up. Keep an eye out for KotL's Wind Waker saves on allies and enjoy the ludicrous team-fighting (also feel free to skip the first 45 minutes if you don't care about the buildup. Ultra-late is a whole different ball-game after all).


Series of the week for me was LGD vs Aster with game 3 being the highlight. 88 minutes of team fights, rapiers and pure action to finish off a fantastic series that upsets the balance in China! If you’re looking for something action packed that involves 2 lesser-known teams then definitely head over to SEA for Neon Vs 496. These 2 teams have been playing a lot of online competitions for months in which every occasion was fantastic. This series was no different with a lovely ultra-kill coming for the KOTL before the horn in game 2.


For me I had to go with Neon Esports vs 496 Gaming in the SEA DPC league. If you only have time for 1 game, watch game 3 between these two teams. Neon and 496 embody the SEA region mentality with non-stop fighting and this game was balls to the wall fighting from before the horn up until the ancient fell. Some insane records for broken and as a Neon fan boy, it brought a giant smile to my face!

BigJams (Dotabuff Match ID)

My pick would be game two for Mudgolems vs Secret - a 70+ minute epic featuring a giant Wraith King stomping around over everybody with a giants ring. For Mudgolems to take a game off of Team Secret as well is an encouraging sign for the team, who have come into Division 1 as one of the favorites for relegation - that they can keep such cool heads in a long game against the best team in the world is a good thing, and I hope we can see much more from them.
Additionally, Dan Offen has a new show, The DPC Show, summarizing the weeks action in all 6 regions, help by 6 analysts each focusing on one region. It can be found in video as well as audio format. Editors Note: The first week of DPC has been exemplary and going by the above comments, it is evident that two series; LGD vs. Aster and Neon Esports vs. 496 are definitely worth the watch.
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