DPS Or Tank? Ready To Rage With OW2’s Doomfist Rework?

EsportsHeaven 2022-03-19 04:00:16
    And they say, you can’t teach a hero new tricks? We don’t know much about Overwatch 2’s closed alpha--but we know Doomfist is getting a rework!  …is it an FPS or a MOBA? Common Blizzard, decide already!  Let’s face it, we’ve all been there. Getting smurfed on by someone who has obviously spent time learning all the tech there is to know. Or just swearing our Rocket Punch should have killed that Tracer who just barely didn’t hit that wall.  Perhaps that goes away with Overwatch 2? Maybe it’s different? For the sake of all our sanity; let’s hope so. That said, Lead Hero Designer on Overwatch, Geoff Goodman did jokingly hint last year that Doomfist was being tested as a tank? Could the rocket-propelled knockout artist really be transitioning roles into tank? WHAT WOULD THAT EVEN LOOK LIKE? Is this Wrecking Ball 2.0? Does he have a shield? THE NUMBERS, WHAT DO THEY MEAN?! We don’t know about you--but we’re a little scared.  May 5th can’t come soon enough.
Images via Blizzard Entertainment

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