Echo Takes World First Vault of the Incarnates

EsportsHeaven 2022-12-23 05:48:25
The real race is on…raiders vs. Christmas. As always, raid tiers can get a bit wonky when the holidays are involved. What was initially a relatively uneventful race due to the simultaneous Normal/Heroic/Mythic raid releases with splits, has become one of the most nailbiting races as Rasz is barely tuned to be killable. From what we’ve previously witnessed, we could conclude either the the final boss of Vault of the Incarnates died today, or it wouldn’t die this week. The two top guilds, Echo and Liquid, were looking to kill before Christmas.  Team Liquid’s facility becomes unusable today on Christmas Eve Eve, so the tension was higher than ever. Thankfully Blizzard didn’t nerf the encounter and reduce the race to whoever was awake at the time to clear.  May thought the boss was mathematically impossible just yesterday, but Echo managed to Go from an 8% best to a kill seemingly out of nowhere. In fact, the guild didn’t even use all of their battle rezzes as Raszageth fell to the floor. Congratulations, Echo, on World first in this tier’s RWF once again! EDIT - After publishing this article, we received word that the following nerf was applied to Raszageth very shortly before the RWF Echo kill: -Slightly adjusted the timing of events at the start of phase 3. -Reduced the rate at which motes of Storm-Energy are spawned. -Slowed the rate that the Raging Storm closes in.

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