ENCE much weaker than expected | IEM Dallas

EsportsHeaven 2022-06-01 09:34:10
  Ence have been taking the world by storm for a few months now. Under Snappi’s leadership, the finnish organization proved that it can do magic twice, and this time with an international line-up.  The experienced Danish IGL has led a young, mostly inexperienced squad to battle against the strongest teams in the world seemingly out of nowhere. They made it to the third place of the HLTV ranking with their Top 4 finish at the Major.  With Navi’s absence and Faze’s too-recent Major victory, IEM Dallas should be Ence’s golden opportunity to finally get a massive trophy under their belt, but it seems luck isn’t on their side. Spinx, the biggest individual performer in the squad by quite a distance, can’t attend the tournament due to visa issues. Any player that could be found to replace him with such short notice wouldn’t be able to live up to Spinx’ name, but Ence only managed to get Snax, the veteran player who was part of the Polish Virtus Pro roster.  Snax was a great player during his time at VP, but in the past few years he has played in mostly Tier 2 teams and hasn’t even stuck to a single line-up for long. This is a massive downgrade from Spinx and the lack of firepower will most likely be felt.  With that being said, honeymoon phases are something incredibly common in Counter-Strike, even more so in international lineups— remember Faze’s Katowice win? — so there will be some overreactions from a lot of people and some odds changing in drastic ways on betting websites. Their first match is against Mouz, a much weaker opponent on paper, but Spinx absence has changed the odds considerably. Despite this, Mouz’ odds aren’t that bad either because they were meant to be the underdog. Take a chance and see if you can get lucky!
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