ESH Weekly #10 – Craziest Comeback, Drama, Cheating, Retirements and Shuffles!

DreXxiN 2020-09-07 01:21:39
  Hurray, we've made it to double digits!  Thanks everyone for joining us every week for your bite-sized catch-up on the big titles. If you have any suggestions or would like us to summarize any other games, please let us know.   DOTA 2   Prolific captain of LGD -- fy-- and charismatic mid laner -- Maybe -- have bid adieu to the Chinese team to further their career developments outside of the organization. It is rumoured that these two will be forming a roster with a new organization entering Dota 2. rOtk and Yang have officially left Vici Gaming whilst Sccc has left Team Aster. Great Chinese reshuffle has begun! Kyle took to social media to express his dissatisfaction over streamers restreaming official broadcasts, thus hurting the tournament organizer, and at the same time questioned Valve over their failure to address several critical issues, one of them being, broadcasting rights for tournament organisers in order for them to monetize. He later penned down his thoughts in a blog. Valve has been under heavy fire and backlash from the community as well as players and talents alike, for their silence over the future of DPC and TI10. Valve has been notorious for their hands-off approach when it comes to dealing with the Dota 2 esports scene (outside of TI) and for their lack of interaction with the community. However, this time around they were forced to come out with a response seeking to clarify their current stance on the DPC, TI10 as well as the issues regarding broadcasting. In their true fashion, Valve did communicate albeit vaguely leaving people to their own interpretation. Don’t miss out on reading the blog! SEA teams such as Geek Fam and Reality Rift have ceased their operations owing to the Covid pandemic and lack of clarity on the schedule for DPC and TI10. They also ceased their operations due to the financial stress led on by the pandemic. Windranger Arcana has been released by Valve. Behold the Rising Gale! You definitely cannot miss out on one of the craziest comebacks Dota 2 has ever witnessed, this time between Alliance vs Nigma. A must watch! Team Secret, in their true dominating fashion over the past few months, have won their 7th consecutive tournament. They whitewashed OG in the grand finals with a score of 3:0 and took home the $200,000 in prize money.   Counter Strike Global Offensive   CSGO has been rocked by cheating scandals (or bug exploitation) and accusations coming to the fore. Popular and known coaches such as dead, HUNDEN and MechanoGun have been banned for a period of 12 to 24 months. You can follow the entire case here. On the offset, people credited with finding out these exploitations, Michau9 and Steve Dudenhoeffer, are being widely praised by the majority of the community for the hours that they have put in to expose those who are guilty of cheating. Similarly, their efforts have not gone unrecognised as Flashpoint, ESL and others are rewarding them for their work by offering monetary incentives. A GoFundMe campaign has also been started and the community is coming out strong in supporting them. HenryG retires as a commentator and is looking towards a new chapter in his life. He also raises the topics of hardships a talent faces in the esports scene. The interview certainly should not be missed out on reading. Rejin, coach for Mousesports, has come out with a blog where he accepts that he has cheated by exploiting the spectator bug.   Overwatch   Playoffs have finally arrived and they’ve taken the League of Legend’s approach to compositional design. Fully basking in the “sinners and saints” motif, there seem to be two schools of thought both in North America and Asia. One school has a very standard curriculum of Winston and D.Va, while the other school of thought has taken a more unorthodox approach, dropping the idea of main tanks and are running both D.Va and Roadhog. As the tournament has gone on, Roadhog and D.Va have been dropping in pick rate, but the idea was still quite prominent on certain maps and with teams like the Washington Justice and the Los Angeles Gladiators. Speaking of the Washington Justice, not do they seem to have a good read on the new playoff metagame, but they’ve shocked the Overwatch world by upsetting the 3rd seed, the Paris Eternal. This is flanked by their strong performance against the defending champions, the San Francisco Shock in the quarterfinals. (https://twitter.com/ParisEternal/status/1302732499169226752) The Florida Mayhem suffered an early loss at the hands of the Los Angeles Valiant during the quarterfinals, but have looked impressive in their most recent match against the Los Angeles Gladiators. They look to face the Atlanta Reign next weekend to keep their playoff hopes alive. (https://twitter.com/FLMayhem/status/1302711308672888832)   League of Legends   Both the LCS and LEC have concluded, along with the LCK and LPL finals. TSM narrowly won their series against FlyQuest, winning 3-2, with a fantastic showing by, well, honestly the entire team. They improved majorly on just being a Bjergsen show, with Brokenblade, Spica, Doublelift and Biofrost showing up when it counted. The team pulled out diverse strategies, with their jungle Shen pick against Team Liquid and split push focus with Twisted Fate and Camille during their FlyQuest series. LEC legends G2 have won their final against Fnatic quite handedly, with a 3-0 victory, as Caps had a commanding presence in all three games, but that didn’t mean FNC went down without a fight, putting up a valiant effort in Game 1. The quick pace from the european region that should be respected heading into Worlds. Both LCK and LPL have crowned Damwon Gaming for LCK and Top Esports for LPL respectively, and it looks like they’ll be the strongest teams overall heading into Worlds. As an added bonus, INTZ from CBLOL will be joining, with the likes of brTT coming back on the biggest stage to see if his team can upset and take some wins off the bigger teams. LCK Regional Qualifier starts today with Afreeca Freecs facing KT. T1 and Gen.g are the other two teams left in the gauntlet and will all be fighting for their last chance of qualifying to Worlds. After the results shown during LCK playoffs Gen.g are the clear favourites, but T1 in a Best of 5 setting are never an opponent to rule out. Also, due to Vietnam having visa troubles, as caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, there will only be 22 teams making it to Worlds, with moving the LCK 3rd seed to the group stage automatically. The pools will consist of five teams for groups, and single round-robin, which will result in a Bo5 elimination for the teams that place 3rd and 4th in a pool. More details of the change in format can be found here.     Editor’s Take   Amidst the global pandemic, we’ve taken a lot of interest into how business has been affected across the board for esports organizations.  Obviously, we’ve all had to get very creative with continuing to monetize our passion projects and keep things afloat.  Fans are winning, but a lot of those providing the entertainment are having to think real hard about how to “make it work.” This isn’t necessarily a bad thing!  It’s an opportunity to find more avenues to keep business running and fans happy, and adds to our repertoire of unique ways esports continues to build up when juxtaposed to real sports.  In the meantime, keep an eye out for interviews we’re conducting with a lot of folks on the business ends of things to have a closer look into stuff behind the scenes.

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