ESH Weekly #6 – The Carnage Resumes

DreXxiN 2020-07-21 05:42:41
  DOTA 2   Not much is going on in Dota 2 these days except for a few things. Omega League brings ~$590,000 event in the month that usually hosts The International. A welcome news amid the covid situation. In another exciting news, Geek Fam claims victory over Fnatic in One Esports Dota 2 SEA League title. This is Geek Fam’s first title victory against a top tier opponent. Valve has come out with a cool new custom game, Aghanim’s Labyrinth, that has five different levels to duke out. I’ve personally enjoyed playing this custom game and getting users thoroughly glued to their computer screens. That’s pretty much it for Dota 2. See ya next week folks!   LoL   Cloud9 saw another defeat this weekend, to a middle of the table 100 Thieves team. With that said, they had a convincing victory against FlyQuest to round out their weekend 1-1. While we can point towards C9 maybe trying to develop new strategies and change the style of their gameplay. Hopefully this won’t tank C9, and they’re trying to develop their playbook for international play (if we even have that during COVID). Additionally, I’m going to interject my own bias here and say, Dignitas vs Golden Guardians might have been one of the worst games I have ever seen in competitive League of Legends; that’s saying a lot given that abysmal Dignitas vs Renegades game back in 2016. DIG essentially laid down and died to GG this week, not fighting for objectives, not fighting for vision, just completely stealing paychecks across the board. This game almost looked like match-fixing, and although I joke about that, I would question it if this was a Week 8 or 9 game to get higher playoffs seeding. This match was disgusting and I recommend watching it if you’re some type of masochist, but I for one, want my 29 minutes back. Overwatch   This weekend was full of action, but nothing really supersedes a surprise role swap. Matthew "super" DeLisi, main tank for the 2019 defending champions the San Francisco Shock, shocked the world when he piloted Genji in their recent match against the Boston Uprising. Nearly as surprising, the 5-14 Chengdu Hunters reverse swept the New York Excelsior. Back to their old ways, the Hunters ended their 7 game losing streak by taking the NYXL and pulling them into the storm. DPS Yi "JinMu" Hu lead the charge while a familiar face reunited with the Hunter’s starting lineup. With Zarya becoming more and more meta, Ma "LateYoung" Tianbin made his triumphant return to the server. https://twitter.com/ChengduHunters/status/1284941101158236162 Sadly, Overwatch Contenders North America lost a light this weekend as Third Impact recently announced that the organization has parted ways with its roster as well as its staff. Third Impact has been a staple team in Overwatch Contenders placing 2nd in 2020’s first season. While the team currently waits to announce their upcoming plans for Season 2, there is a silver lining to all of this. The fact that the staff and the players are currently without buyouts will likely increase their chances of being acquired as teams begin to build their 2021 rosters. https://twitter.com/ThirdImpactGG/status/1285036142639951872?s=20 Editor's Take Things have been slowing down in terms of "problematic culture", which is a blessing to see. In the meantime, make sure to tune into our latest podcasts while you're going about your day. As always, thanks for joining us.    

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