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ESH Weekly #8 – Region results and Worlds in a bubble!

DreXxiN 2020-08-10 04:45:36
  We're back!  As always, our aim is to wrap up all of the major news in esports so it's not difficult for you, our viewers to keep up.  There's been a lot more activity across the board, with League of Legends in particular experience the ends of regular seasons, and Worlds returning offline. DOTA 2   Activity seems to finally be returning to the scene with events resuming across the globe, in this case, with OMEGA League. It’ll pick up pace once the European division has concluded with its closed qualifiers post which we’ll see all the top tier teams in action.   Fy and Somnus, two of the most talented individuals in China, have reportedly left LGD and may quite possibly form a team with Eurus -- another prolific player -- with a new org entrant in the scene. The new entrant is touted to be FunPlus Phoenix. If true, then it’ll be interesting to see what kind of a line-up LGD forms after this shuffle. Possibility of Ame making a comeback to the main roster?   Natus Vincere has fined one of its players -- Young G -- for insulting Muslims in-game. Along with the fine, his probation period has also been extended.   Moon Studio Asian league is in the news for alleged map-hacking by one of its participating teams.   League of Legends   Rogue finished out the split in first over in the LEC, but more importantly, Schalke04 have done the miracle run and actually made it into playoffs! God Gilius has worked his magic and gotten S04 over the finish line, but they must complete the fairytale by clinching a Worlds spot as they head into playoffs.   Over in LCS, Team Liquid have secured first place, looking very strong and inarguably the best team in NA. Meanwhile, C9 are slowly looking like their old selves, destroying CLG handedly and securing 2nd place. Meanwhile, TSM got pushed all the way to 4th place, which see them face off against Golden Guardians in the winners bracket next week. Along with that, Dignitas have crept into playoffs by winning the tiebreaker match against CLG, with having V1per playing Shen, a unique pick for him and crucially showing that DIG have picks up their sleeves to make the losers bracket a bit more interesting.   The LCS playoffs start Thursday August 13th at 1 PM PDT and with the new playoff format, it should make for an exciting end to the LCS season. Overwatch   Overwatch League’s Countdown Cup did not disappoint. As much as the Asia bracket through everyone for a loop, the results were as decisive as it gets. The Shanghai Dragons, the Kings’ of the Asian region dominated through their Countdown Cup run and now have recemented themselves as division leaders. On the North American side of things, the San Francisco Shock not only topple the Florida Mayhem but also bested the Philadelphia Fusion in a close best-of-seven.   Hitscan DPS Jeong "Heesu" Hee-Su surprised the community this weekend as a staple of the Philadelphia Fusion’s starting roster. Questions surrounded MVP candidate Lee "Carpe"  Jae-hyeok as to why he wasn’t seeing much more playtime, but when we look at how diverse the metagame is currently, there is an argument to be made that Carpe hasn’t practiced as many different heroes as someone like Heesu or projectile specialist Lee "Ivy" Seung-hyun. With how back and forth the season has been, teams assumedly have had to regiment their roster much more than they have in the past, which could cause some people to edge other star players out. With someone as strong as Ivy at both Genji and most of the flanking hitscan heroes on top of Heesu’s proficiency at the more dedicated hitscan role and it doesn’t seem all that farfetched.   That said, no one can stop the San Francisco Shock. Standout players include Lee "Twilight" Jooseok who had a performance of a lifetime hitting clutch Sleep Dart after clutch Biotic Nade. All tournament long Twilight reminded us why we rated him, not only as the many-faced god but as one of the best flex supports in the league for the 2019 season. Next to him sat Kim "Rascal" Dong-jun, someone who many considered the shoo-in for the Genji pilot this season, but has been shockingly absent. However, with nearly no practice and on short notice, the Shock’s run an audible and toss Rascal into the mix and dominated the Countdown Cup, securing not only three added regular-season wins, but the title of the strongest western team going into the playoffs.   Editor’s Note   It’s great to have more events coming to fruition in esports during this pandemic.  But most importantly, it’s great that League of Legends Worlds is still on track.  I can’t wait for the details to be announced on how they pull that off, as safety should come first after all.   If you haven’t been, make sure you’re keeping an eye (and two ears) on our podcasts where we continue to have interview guests and important conversations surrounding esports in a meta fashion.  Have any suggestions? Please let us know so we can continue providing you the best of our regular content! Stay tuned for more interviews with prolific journalists in the space as well.  

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