ESL Kuala Lumpur 2023 Day Two

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The second day of ESL Kuala Lumpur 2023 is on the books. Group A mostly stabilized with much more expected results, but Group B just keeps on surprising. Let's take a look at what happened in the second day of the tournament.  

Group A Results

  Gaimin Gladiators bounced back, but BetBoom still can't get anything other than ties.  

Group A ESL Kuala LumpurImage via Liquipedia

GG got sweeps over Blacklist International and Wawitas Sagazes and are now sharing the first place spot with Azure Ray. The Chinese team had a tie against BetBoom and Blacklist, losing a bit of their advantage. BetBoom have played four series and gotten four ties. This leaves them tied for third alongside Team Secret, who're playing the weakest team in the Group tomorrow. Blacklist International still has a chance to make it through if they take down BetBoom 2-0, but that will be no easy feat. The two top teams of the group will also play tomorrow to decide who gets through as the first seed.  

The Group B Madness

  Team Falcons have come back down to Earth and Liquid haven't left their post-TI woes behind yet. This Group just gets weirder and weirder.  

Group B ESL Kuala LumpurImage via Liquipedia

G2.iG had their turn in having an incredible day after the success Falcons had yesterday. The first tournament of the Invictus Gaming team under the new partnership with G2 just took a great turn, as they beat both TL and Falcons in clean sweeps to reach first place. With last place 9Pandas as their only opponent left, it's unlikely that they'll lose this spot tomorrow, but Group B is just filled with surprises at ESL Kuala Lumpur. Surprisingly enough, we will see either Team Liquid or LGD Gaming heading home in the earliest stage of the tournament after a top 6 finish for both teams at TI 2023. The two giants will face each other tomorrow for their tournament lives, with LGD needing a 2-0 sweep to make it through. Tundra Esports has their fate in their hands, as they'll face Falcons for sole possession of second (or even first) place.
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