ESL Kuala Lumpur 2023 Playoffs

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The ESL Kuala Lumpur 2023 Playoffs have now started with the conclusion of the Group Stage. The last tournament of the year has brought some few surprises in this first stage. Are more of those coming in Playoffs?  

Day Three Group Stage Results

  The Group Stage came to an end earlier today with some more upsets.  

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Azure Ray swept Gaimin Gladiators and had a return to the form they showed in the first day of the tournament. Due to Team Secret's victory over Wawitas, this put them and GG in a tiebreaker scenario, which was decided in a 1v1 between Quinn and MidOne. The Gladiator's player won it, giving his team a spot in the Upper Bracket Semifinals. Over in Group B, things mostly went as expected. Falcons and G2.iG swept their respective matches, while LGD and Liquid's series ended up in a tie, eliminating the Chinese team that had finished third in TI a little over a month ago. Team Liquid and Tundra qualified to the first round of the Lower Bracket.  

Upper Bracket Semifinals

  Group A reigned supreme in the first matches of ESL Kuala Lumpur Playoffs. First teams from each group played the second ones from the other, which left us with Azure Ray vs Team Falcons and G2.iG vs Gaimin Gladiators.  

ESL Kuala Lumpur PlayoffsImage via Liquipedia

Azure Ray took down Team Falcons in a lengthy three-game series. The Chinese team took the first game and bounced-back off a lose in the second one to take the win. G2.iG had a hot start against GG with a victory in game one, but were quickly dismantled by the Gladiators in two back-to-back victories under 30 minutes each. The two representatives from Group B await their respective opponents in the Lower Bracket Quarterfinals. In the Upper Bracket Final, we'll get a Group A rematch of today's BO2 series in a BO3 version this time. ESL Kuala Lumpur 2023 Playoffs return on Friday with the Lower Bracket Round 1 and the first match of the Lower Bracket Quarterfinals.
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