EU LCS Mid Season Rundown

24sah 2015-06-30 07:28:33

This week’s games in EU have brought us to the midway point for the 2015 EU LCS summer split. After various roster moves have led to a shake up in the standings from spring, let’s take a look at the standouts so far.  The standings after the first 10 games look like this:


1. Fnatic (10-0) - With the addition of Rekkles, Fnatic has looked unstoppable in the first half of summer in EU.  Huni is still the major carry, but with the Rekkles addition Fnatic now has 3 lanes that could possibly carry straight from laning phase.  The team has never looked stronger, and it is demonstrated in their record.  Fnatic have not only displayed the ability to get a lead and snowball, they have also shown that they can use coordination and communication to make a comeback when behind (see Fnatic vs. Gambit). Support player, Yellowstar, currently holds the highest KDA in EU (14.8). This team should be the obvious favorites to grab the automatic birthe to worlds.


2. Origen (8-2) - The newbies to EU, that are not so new, have had a strong showing in the first half of the split, only dropping games to Fnatic and ROCCAT.  Strong play from the bot lane duo of Mithy and Niels has lead the way in many of Origen’s wins.  The rookie ADC Niels currently holds the 2nd highest KDA in EU (11.5).  Veteran leader xPeke has also been strong in the first half, using his counter pick Vladimir proficiently into the Azir spam coming from the majority of EU mids.   Solid play from Amazing in the jungle, as well as Soaz in the top lane has led Origen towards the top of the standings.


3. H2K (7-3) - As one of the teams that made no roster changes in the summer split, H2K has remained a top team.  Korean mid laner Ryu continues to build synergy with the team, maintaining one of the top 8 KDA’s in EU (7).  Strong performances have also come from the bot lane duo, with kaSing (9.14) and Hjarnan (7.93) both joining their teammate atop the KDA leaderboard. Though they remain in the top third of the table, the team has been very Jekyll-and-Hyde like.  H2K has looked dominating in their victories displaying great rotational play, alongside stellar objective control.  However, in their losses, the team has looked completely discombobulated and lost.  This is something they will have to fix to surpass the teams above them in the standings.


4. Giants Gaming (5-5) - The surprise of the summer has come in the form of a team that faced relegation in spring.  After having barely survived the spring split , Giants have looked much better in summer. The addition of a new support player G0DFRED, has brought much needed help to the shotcalling of Giants.  Top laner Werlyb has been able to expand his champion pool a bit beyond Jax, and bring some threat on other top laners such as Shyvana and Hecarim. While the star of the team remains PepiiNeRO, the improvement of the other lanes in top and bottom have led Giants from the basement of EU, to be in place to contend for a playoff spot in summer.


5. Elements (4-6) - The kings of roster moves in EU, Elements, began summer with a new/old ADC in Tabbz, a new top laner in Jwaow, a new jungler in Dexter, and a new support in PromisQ.  The new roster did not seem to bring much of a change to Elements.  Their passive early game play was punished heavily, and they seemed to always fall behind.  This was a very similar feeling to spring for Elements so more changes had to be made.  Former support player and now coach Nyph moved back into the starting lineup at support. While there are still many problems within this lineup, since the change Elements had its best week so far with the first 2-0 of the summer.  Through all the problems and roster changes, Elements still finds itself in a position to contend for playoffs if their early game problems can be fixed.


6. ROCCAT (4-6) - Only one change was made for ROCCAT coming into summer, bringing in rookie Steve to the top lane position.  The rookie top laner was met with a rather rough start, where ROCCAT’s opponents took advantage of his rookie mistakes and eagerness. This led to a rather rough beginning of summer for ROCCAT. However the team continued to gel and have looked much better in recent weeks.  Two weeks ago the decision was made to bring in a new ADC in MrRalleZ, to replace Woolite who had become known for being caught out of position at the wrong times for ROCCAT.  Since MrRallez’ arrival the team has split going 0-2 the first week and 2-0 the next.  Jungler Jankos and support Vander seem to be finding their old form they had in 2014 with much improved play in the summer split.  If ROCCAT can find some solid play from their carries, then they could have a legitimate shot at making playoffs.


7. Unicorns of Love (4-6) - The good, the bad, and the ugly -- Sometimes you get a mix of all three with UOL.  The good part is they still excel in skirmishes and hectic fights.  However, the bad that comes with their constant chasing of fights, and seemingly inability to play around objectives, has cost them as well.  Unicorns still remain one of the most inconsistent teams in EU, looking good one minute and completely ugly the next. While Unicorns have had a disappointing start to summer, they have managed enough wins to still be in contention for playoffs.  If they can shore up their communication in team fights, and use their pick style to get actual advantages around objectives, they could still be a threat to reach the playoffs.


8. Gambit Gaming (3-7) - After their acquisition of star ADC FORG1VEN, Gambit and many fans had high hopes for summer. The first half of the summer has brought the opposite for Gambit fans. The team combined has the lowest KDA ratio in EU.  Gambit seems to have lost what led them to the playoffs in spring, mainly playing around top laner Cabochard.  Their focus looks a lot more like SK Gaming from spring and it has not worked out well.  Even though in many of their games they are able to acquire early gold leads, those leads are soon squandered through uncoordinated, sloppy teamfighting and rotational play.  Gambit’s strong lanes in top and bot remain, but they will need to make great strides around their team based gameplay to catch up in the standings and have a shot at playoffs.


9. SK Gaming (3-7) - With the departure of their star ADC, SK decided to bring back their former ADC CandyPanda.  The start of summer went pretty bad for SK, as they finished the first 3 weeks of play at 0-6.   However they seem to have began making strides as a team finishing 3-1 in the last 2 weeks.  SK relies heavily on jungler Svenskeren and top laner fredy122 to make plays for the team. When the team and their two playmakers are on the same page, SK can look very good at times, but way too often so far this summer either Svenskeren or fredy122 try to make a play at the wrong time or don’t receive the follow up needed to make it work.  SK Gaming will need to continue their form from the past few weeks to have any shot of moving up the standings.


10. Copenhagen Wolves (2-8) - The Wolves came into summer split with the exact same lineup from spring.  Two 4 game losing streaks have the wolves sitting at the bottom of the table. The team coordination from spring split has just not carried over. With a disappointing start to summer, some roster and team drama has followed.  Jungler Airwaks has chosen to step down, and has been replaced by former Wolf Shook.  Also stepping down at some point will be support Unlimited and top laner Youngbuck.  Though their positions have not been filled yet so they have continued to play for the team.  Wolves still possess two strong carries in Mid and ADC, if the roster issues can be worked out soon enough, they could still have an outside shot at making playoffs but for now they look like they could be facing auto relegation.

- - -

Taking a look at each position on the rift , here are my top players at each spot so far in summer split;

Top Lane - Huni - I don’t think there is any question who has been the top performing top laner in EU so far in summer.  It’s the lovable, huggable, everybody’s favorite Huni.  His mastery of the new champion Ekko as well as his incredible TP timings make him the obvious choice for me.  Huni is Fnatic’s main threat and always has an impact in every game they play.

(Honorable mention - Soaz)

Jungler - Jankos - For me there is not a jungler that does more for his team than Jankos.  Without Jankos ROCCAT would be nowhere near playoff position, but Jankos’ return to having an early presence on the map for his team has lead ROCCAT to the middle of the pack so far.  The King of First Blood is back.

(Honorable mention - Amazing)

Mid Lane - xPeke - The veteran leader of his new team Origen has for sure brought his A game so far this summer.  With the highest KDA (7.86) out of the mid lane in EU, xPeke has led Origen straight to the top of EU LCS from the challenger series.

(Honorable mention - Ryu)

Support - Yellowstar - Not only is Yellowstar the leader and shotcaller for the undefeated and best team in EU.  He has also done it in fantastic style this summer, having the best KDA in the entirety of EU at any position (14.78).  No one can doubt the importance and consistent performance that Yellowstar brings to Fnatic.  His presence is unmatched.

(Honorable mention - kaSing)

AD Carry - Niels -  As the only rookie on Origen, Niels has been fantastic so far in summer.  With the highest KDA among AD carries in EU (11.5), he has brought fantastic positioning and mechanics to almost every teamfight so far.  Niels has demonstrated the ability to play any carry in the meta, and has excelled on the top two currently Kallista and Sivir.

(Honorable mention - Hjarnan)

Coach - Deilor - As the coach of the still undefeated Fnatic, Deilor has shown a level of planning and strategy above the rest.  The draft phase is excellent for Fnatic, always prepared and well researched with a game plan.  Fnatic have yet to seem surprised by anything so far in summer.   

(Honorable mention - Lozark)

Biggest Surprise - Giants Gaming, for a team that was one loss from auto relegation to come back and be currently sitting in the top 4 of the standings is a huge surprise.  The dramatic improvement of the team after acquiring support player G0DFRED, has made Giants a team the rest of EU has to fear.

(Honorable mention - Origen top 2 so quickly)  

Biggest Disappointment - Gambit Gaming, a team that made playoffs and showed signs of being a very good team in the spring.  Only made better by acquiring a top tier ADC.  It just has not worked out yet; the team seems to not have adjusted well to FORG1VEN, or the other way around.  Either way it has been disappointing to watch the struggles of Gambit so far.

(Honorable mention - SK Gaming)

Written by: Shane “@24sah” Hahn. Images courtesy of Riot Games and Lolesports.



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