Evil Geniuses layoffs

Evil Geniuses undergoes a round of layoffs

EsportsHeaven 2023-11-02 05:15:46

Evil Geniuses undergoes a round of layoffs, according to news and announcements circulating in the esports industry. The North American organization is the latest esports company to go under the 'layoffs' hammer. This news comes at a time where esports is traversing through troubled waters with orgs trimming down their expenses significantly owing to inflated salaries and exorbitant spending, global economic slowdown, etc., thus triggering a mayhem within the industry. Additionally, it also signals the bursting of the invisible 'bubble' which caused the values to skyrocket, thus bringing into question the 'sustainability' aspect of the industry. The layoffs at EG is a significant event as the organization has withstood tough times especially with venture capital funding.  

Evil Geniuses layoffs include management and support staff

  Evil Geniuses has laid off numerous staff from the management and support section. One of the most significant names to pop-up is of GamerDoc, infamous for her 'antics' that quite literally rallied the esports community against her. Known to be a 'physiotherapist' in the esports industry, she was once considered extremely close to Nicole LaPointe Jameson, former CEO of Evil Geniuses, who 'resigned' from the org not long ago. Along with Nicole, GamerDoc was considered to be in the upper management, and subsequently was on the receiving end of a ruthless backlash from the community and fans alike. Both of them, according to industry experts and former EG staff, were detrimental to the working of Evil Geniuses. Aside from GamerDoc, a lot of support staff, including but not limited to social media, senior level management, etc. were issued termination notices.  

Admist esports layoffs, EG part ways with its Dota 2 roster

  Evil Geniuses has parted ways with its Dota 2 roster, according to the team manager. "Today many layoffs happened at EG and its very unlikely that they acquire a new roster", said Guashi. It will be safe to assume that this might be the first time since Dota 2's inception that EG won't field a roster. Another reason for the round of layoffs will be EG's sleuth of weird decisions to field multiple players in CS:GO that reportedly put in big dent in their pockets. The utter failure of EG's CS:GO teams and the Valorant team undergoing a pay cut despite winning the World Championship suggested that the esports layoffs was inevitable.
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